Children at Risk Foundation


Estrada Pedreira Alvarenga 2343
09971-340 Diadema-São Paulo

Ansprechpartner: Smith, Gregory J.

+55 11 4049 4440 / 4047 2231


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Über uns

The Children at Risk Foundation (CARF) was established by Gregory J. Smith in Norway in 1992, then in São Paulo in 1993, with the mission to defend the rights of abandoned street children and other children at risk, offering them a dignified and definitive solution, so that they may live and grow within a family-oriented context and healthy social environment.

CARF is just one of those organizations willing to invest in what seems to be a pretty hopeless situation for the many children living on the streets in Brazil. But as it knows, that things are not as hopeless as they seemingly appear and that its past actions have also proven otherwise, it choose to continue investing in those children in the hope that many more of you will join its efforts.

CARF's Hummingbird Activity Centre is located in São Paulo. The programmes at the centre are primarily preventive in nature, directed at community children and young people at risk. Its programmes provide a range of support and services in such areas as vocational training, health education, recreation, cultural tolerance and understanding, racial reconciliation, artistic expression, environmental awareness and the development of leadership, conflict resolution and decision-making skills.

Its aim is:

- to increase local, national and global awareness of children and youth issues,
- to strengthen the organizational skills of youth programme leaders,
- to promote greater knowledge and application of best practices for young people, increasing the effectiveness, scale and sustainability of proven approaches meeting young people's needs.

The centre supports the demands of its rehabilitation programme, serving the needs of street children coming off the streets.

For other net participants we can offer overnight facilities. Further we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff in the following field: street and community children in Brazil. Our young people can offer exciting Afro-Brazilian cultural presentations and workshops including Capoeira and Percussion Music.