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+961(1)333 091


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Über uns

Insan Association, founded in 1998, is an independent, non-profit humanitarian and human rights organisation serving individuals, families and children from the most marginalised communities in Lebanon. Most are migrant workers, refugees and non-IDs deprived of their basic rights due to severe poverty, lack of legal status, isolation and racism.

Insan Association´s mission is to promote and protect the rights of migrant workers, refugees, non-IDs and their children in Lebanon through a comprehensive scheme consisting of educational, psycho-social and legal services as well as advocacy and awareness raising.

• Insan School: The School provides schooling to children who are cut off from public education for a variety of reasons such as: lack of legal papers, insufficient knowledge of the official language in Lebanese schools and a range of social and psychological needs that are not being addressed by normal schools. The aim is to prepare students for the integration in a Lebanese school.
• Integration Program: The aim of Insan´s integration program is to enable former Insan students to enter an official Lebanese school after having been prepared for it.
• Training for adults: Currently Insan offers English languages courses to migrants and refugees several days per week.
• Ludoteque: The Ludoteque offers the children recreational activities, games, a library and an alternative to being at home or in the street.
• Street Children program: The street children come to Insan twice a week to profit from recreational activities such as Capoeira and from basic education in literacy and life skills.
• Social Service: The social worker creates a file for every family or individual containing personal information, health situation, social, legal and emotional condition, then the social worker provides moral support and helps the family to better plan their lives through home visits.
• Psychological Support: As part of the psychological support provided by Insan, psychologists conduct individual and group sessions with vulnerable adults and children to improve their emotional situation and strengthen their coping skills.
• Legal Assistance: Insan´s legal advisers provide legal assistance on the often complicated legal situation of migrant workers and refugees in Lebanon such as: no legal status, missing passport, no residency permit, unregistered children, conflicts with the employer.
• Insan House: Insan House gives temporary shelter to children who find themselves in extreme risk situations and due to an unstable family environment are exposed to danger. Children are placed at Insan House upon the decision of the Juvenile Court.
• Campaigning: Insan advocates for the rights of migrant domestic workers in Lebanon through various media appearances (TV and Radio).
• Awareness raising: Insan Association seeks to improve awareness about society´s responsibility to protect the human rights of all people regardless, for example, of their country of origin, religion, gender or age.
• Lobbying: Insan Association actively seeks and creates opportunities to influence key decision makers within Lebanese Society.

Lala Arabian is the Executive Manager/Protection Coordinator of Insan Association.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.