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The Laogai Research Foundation (LRF) was established in 1992 in Washington, D.C. by Harry Wu to collect evidence and spread public awareness about the Laogai - a system of forced labor prison camps in China. LRF publishes a bi-annual Laogai Handbook, a "Black Series" of Chinese-language books, special investigative reports and other publications.

LRF provides testimony to Congress and assists media organizations by providing information about the Laogai and other issues.

Since its founding, LRF has expanded its focus to document and report on other systemic human rights violations in China, including public executions, organ harvesting from executed prisoners, the coercive enforcement of China's population control policy, and the persecution of religious believers.

The Laogai Research Foundation acts as a reliable source of information and analysis for the media, China scholars, the U.S. Congress, and policymakers worldwide.

One of the key functions of the Laogai, besides simply punishing criminals, is to serve as a political tool of repression and reform for the Communist Party. Political criminals in the Laogai include pro-democracy activists, labor activists, and religious believers among the Han Chinese and minority nationalities like Tibetans, Uighurs and Mongolians.

Harry Wu is the founder of the Laogai Research Foundation. He has been at the front of the fight for human rights in China for many years, during which he has revealed the tyranny of the CCP government and called for an end to the Laogai system, which arbitrarily strips Chinese citizens of their freedom.

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