Friendship With The World (FWTW)

23/2, Mission Compound, Adrash nagar
144001 Jalandhar City

Ansprechpartner: Shasi Kumar

+91-90416-77778; +91-181-6577778


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Über uns

Friendship With The World (FWTW) is a Non Government Organization started in 2007 to work with vulnerable children, marginalized women & deprived families empowering them to lead a life of hope, self-worth and dignity. It envisions a promising future for all by acting as a catalyst for social change. Empowerment of children, women & families from weaker sections of society through quality education, health care and skill development is the key focus of FWTW. FWTW is a grass roots, child-focused, development agency, serving the poor without regard to religion, caste or gender, operation in Jalandhar (Punjab).

Our NGOs provides:
• Free education to poor & needy children,
• Free medical/ food camp in slums area,
• Environment awareness and more others activities

• Dream Home/Nightingale Primary School Inauguration: Friendship With World has two shelter homes for orphans and destitute children for both girls and boys. The objective of this project is to reduce the suffering of the abandoned, destitute and vulnerable children by providing them the necessary support, protection, nutritious food, health care and quality education along with life skills so that they can be mainstreamed and become productive members of the society. Our goal is to have a permanent place for our children of the New Home, so that they can be looked after well.
• Scholarship: Through our scholarship program we support up to 60 boys and girls per year in their education. We provide them with different opportunities to make them productive citizens and encourage them to lead a better future through good education from a crucial age.
• Aids To Needy Students: Involvement of Corporate and individual volunteers taking part in various activities from cleaning and painting the schools premises to fun activities, the impartation of life skills, workshops on child rights and regular lessons in English and ICT; Infrastructure development – building of classrooms, kitchen and toilet facilities as well as facilitating safe drinking water for all the children and staff; Relationships built with staff and teachers of schools, encouragement, advice and training given; Essential provisions for school given to children (uniform, shoes, notebooks and stationaries etc); Forming of child council; Exposure visit; Teacher training
• Women Empowerment: Our Women Empowerment initiative aims to enable marginalized women to become self-sufficient so that they can contribute to their family income that earns them a place of respect and pride in and out of the home. This initiative currently trains rural women of Jalandhar in tailoring, life skills and safety awareness.
• Health Camps/ Blood Donation Camp: Friendship With World organizes customized health camps extensively across its targeted rural communities offering comprehensive health services curative, preventive, primitive and referral, to a large number of people in selected intervention areas.
• HIV/AIDS with Families: Friendship With World assists HIV/AIDS affected children with monthly provisions of nutritious food for themselves and their families. Each month we support 25 families by distributing these necessities, and provide professional medical advice on general health, healthy eating, personal hygiene and cleanliness.

Shasi Kumar is the General Secretery at Friendship With The World (FWTW).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.