Luckyhill Children's Home Foundation

Box MP. 2611 Mamprobi

Ansprechpartner: Joseph Kingsley Eshun

+233-243 -103797


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Über uns

Luckyhill Children's Home Foundation is a non-governmental organization, established in April 2003 to train and cater for deprived orphans and abandoned children, to give them guidance, directions and protection for their future life.

We do believe that these abandoned children and orphans, if given equal support, could grow up to be prominent people of our nation.

Our missions are:

- to provide a permanent home for the orphans and destitute,
- to help develop their living standards through circular and religious education,
- to support them in various skills,
- to promote the general welfare of these children.

The organization is being funded through voluntary contributions and subscriptions from its members and well-wishers.

It is our fervent hope that the home will enjoy the support, suggestion, and contributions by all and sundry for the home to achieve its main objectives and to assist the Home to erect a structure on these lands mentioned above for the welfare of these deprived orphans and abandoned children.

For other net participants we can offer overnight facilities. Further we offer expert guidance through trained, staff deliver a lecture and establish new contacts in the field of our work.