SAATH Livelihoods

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Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Ansprechpartner: Rajendra Joshi

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Über uns

Saath Livelihoods was promoted in 2007 as a not for profit company. It was established to focus on livelihood promotion/ opportunities for vulnerable sections of society (specifically youth, women, people with disabilities and artisan groups) by developing innovative and sustainable business models.
The goal of Saath Livelihoods is to improve quality of life of vulnerable urban and rural populations through enhanced livelihood options.

Our vision is to integrate innovative and sustainable business models into community while developing social/ human capital.

Our mission is to promote and/or support social entrepreneurs and enterprises, create opportunities for livelihood enhancement as well as livelihood diversification for communities, especially for youth, women, artisan groups, and other excluded groups.

The objectives of the Company are:
• Incubate social enterprises (in sectors such as agriculture, livelihoods, health, sanitation, etc):
GrihaPravesh: GrihaPravesh aims to provide an interface between potential home buyers from the bottom half of the socio-economic pyramid and developers, housing finance companies and community development organizations
RWeaves: RWeaves is a branding and marketing program for high quality hand-woven products launched by Saath Livelihoods in July 2007 with the aim of sustaining traditional arts of weaving, and to establish an exclusive, high-quality brand of hand woven products with the objectives of reviving the use of Tangaliya and Patola fabrics and making the livelihoods of the rural weavers/ artisans sustainable.
UDAAN: Through its Youth Employment Programs, Saath Livelihoods serves as the platform for businesses, youth and society to join together in combating unemployment and underemployment.
URMILA: The Urmila Home Managers Program (Urmila) is a training and placement program that bridges the gap between domestic helpers and urban households. The objective of the Program is to build capacities and skills of housemaids and create a cadre of Home Managers to provide reliable, efficient and specialized services to clients.
• Establish Incubation centres (to provide strategic. handholding, mentoring support and experience to social entrepreneurs/enterprises): Saath Livelihoods proposes to establish an incubation centre that focuses on providing support and experience in terms of handholding, mentoring and strategy making for social entrepren Ashray eurs/enterprises in collaboration with like-minded partners.
• Establish an Endowment Fund: Saath Livelihoods proposes to create a Rs.100 crore endowment fund over a five year period. The fund will be created through donations, grants from individuals/HNIs and corporates as well as from CSR allocations. The Fund is to enable philanthropic organizations, companies and high-net-worth individuals to use resources to finance incubation of social enterprises in an integrated manner and also monitor their social impact.
• Corporate Connect: Create a platform to collaborate and support social enterprises.
• CSR/Other program Review

Rajendra Joshi is the Founder & Managing Trustee of Saath Livelihoods.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.