Hilltop Empowerment Centre

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5600 King Williams Town

Ansprechpartner: Roberts, Rommel

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Über uns

Hilltop Empowerment Centre is a registered South African Non-Profit Organization that accommodates several projects in order to empower rural communities through the facilitation of skills development and income generation. The disadvantaged communities around Hanover have to contend with high levels of poverty. There are no industries and only very limited commercial activity. Employment opportunities are very scarce. The level of unemployment is about 70 % and the communities have historically low levels of skills training. What it is doing at Hilltop Empowerment Centre is to enforce skills by offering courses within three different projects. The courses are of different kinds and duration. At the end of each course certificates are handed out to the students. This helps them find a job.

The mission of the organization is a development undertaking a series of programmes that include north-south connections, refurbishment of secondhand computers and bicycles from the north for rural villages and their schools. In the south it also undertakes conflict and crime prevention programmes and includes youth work and programmes against child and women abuse. It has a special programme promoting rural communities and their products like african aloe (complete natural and sustainable process) and other products. It offers a range of annual workcamps (see website) and special training programmes. It is currently involved in a series of activities and concerns which include the following:

- Computer education for rural communities which includes: computer literacy, refurbishment of secondhand computers and technical training as well the poromtion of linux as an alternative to microsoft and cost saving,
- actions related to child and women abuse action crime, prevention and community peace making training and implementation of court mediation as an alternative to long awaiting trail prisoner,
- food production and the promotion of natural products with a strong focus on african aloe and village communities wonership,
- village tourism and youth workcamps.

Rommel Roberts is the director of the Hilltop Empowerment Centre.

For other net participants we can offer overnight facilities. Further we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, deliver a lecture, procure an expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.