Environment TOBAGO (ET)

PO Box 503, 11 Cuyler Street
Trinidad und Tobago

Ansprechpartner: Patricia Turpin

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Über uns

Environment TOBAGO (ET) is a national, environmental, not for profit, non-governmental, volunteer and membership organization. Established in 1996 and committed to the protection and restoration of Tobagos fragile environment. We are a pro-active advocacy group that campaigns against negative environmental activities throughout Tobago.

Our mission statement:
Environment TOBAGO conserves Tobagos natural and living resources and advances the knowledge and understanding of such resources, their wise and sustainable use, and their essential relationship to human health and the quality of life.

ET achieves this through:
• Environmental education in schools
• Community outreach and awareness programmes
• Advocacy of local government for greater protection and sustainable use of our natural resources
• Research programmes

• ET Youth Forum (ETYF): The aim is to provide the stage for young adults in Tobago to voice their environmental concerns; and also to provide tangible assistance in implementing their projects toward positive change.
• Project Hydroflo: This is a small scale pilot project. It is our intention to use this test to define all the processes involved in enabling our system, and to standardize and automate these processes where possible, for future deployments.
• Project FlyBy: In an innovative effort to reach the wider population of our island state, to foster a greater sense of awareness for our biodiversity, and with a birds eye out for projects with inbuilt sustainabliity, Environment Tobago is currently putting together the first of what may become an annual event - A country-wide effort to list the avian species visible to birdwatchers over a fixed period.
• Clean School Competiton: It is a programme for waste reduction and pollution prevention in Tobagos schools.
• Rainforest education booklet

Patricia Turpin is the President of Environment TOBAGO (ET).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.