Albanian Rehabilitation Centre for Trauma and Torture Victims

Rr. Kont Urani No. 10

Ansprechpartner: Kati, Adrian


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Über uns

The goal of ARCT through the preparation of the Alternative Report is to contribute in raising the awareness of the wide the public on the existence of different forms of torture as well as to stimulate countrywide constructive debate and dialogue on the definition of torture and the approach in implementing the domestic legal acts and the international instruments against torture.

One of the important functions of ARCT is to offer medical specialized help for all those persons that have subdued different types of torture and also to help in their return in a normal state according to the psychosocial well-being aspects. These aspects needs a multi-disciplinary intervention that begins with identifying cases, continues with offering free medical services, the long-term psychological treatment in the necessary cases and giving legal advices. In cases when persons affected from torture result to be even children, ARCT, offers a special support to the familiars. Through rehabilitation process, ARCT aims to play a key role in the promotion of democratic values, co-existence and human rights. With the prevention programs, ARCT, aims to give a more active direction to its organizing function, (that prevents torture, or violations of human rights). By other words, the rehabilitation activities of the center, have leaded to preventive activities.

Main activities of ARCT:

- Mental Health: Prevention of discrimination and social exclusion of the mentally disordered patients, enhancing their awareness about their rights, enhancing the Albanian’s sensibility about the mentally disordered conditions, and also warning different groups near the target, as familiars, experts of mental health, representatives of Non Profitable Organizations, activists of mental health rights etc, about the situation of mental health care in our place.
- School program: The formation of 5 multidisciplinary staffs of psychosocial support; realization of 5 training courses about scholar children psychology, psychopathology and also for group work for at least 25 members of multidisciplinary staffs.
- Rehabilitating activities: Providing medical and psychological specialized treatment, rehabilitation, social and legal support for torture victims and their familiars. Contributing in the prevention of the organized torture and violence through training provides for policy staff, education and health workers, and also the enhance of sensibility toward mental health problems, related to trauma and torture, of torture widening, organized and urban violence in the Albanian society and its consequences on health care specialists and on the wide public opinion.
- Abilities improvement: These activities are focused on studies development, torture documentation and the consequences of their impact on the public health. Study about torture survivors’ treatment and study about trans-generational trauma.

Adrian Kati is the Executive Director of ARCT.

For other net participants expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.