National Institute of Wildlife Technology & Research (NIWTR)

Kirti college, OFF. Veer Sawarkar Marg,
400028 Dadar West; Mumbai

Ansprechpartner: Dr. Yuvraj R. Kaginkar

+91 9619422077


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Über uns

National Institute of Wildlife Technology & Research (NIWTR) is established for wildlife conservation, environment conservation in association with MYVETS TRUST and is a globally praised institution, which provides training program in academic courses and assists in wildlife conservation & management studies.
The courses give you a fundamental understanding of the key concepts and principles in Indian habitat conservation and wildlife management, in line with the ecosystem approach.

The objective of the institute is to provide scientific knowledge on wildlife conflicts & conservation issues and giving learner robust support in their research on various issues pertaining to wildlife.

The mission of the NIWTR is to foster the development of wildlife science and promote its application in conservation of wildlife

We are making significant contribution to the development of conservation and integrating various technologies for the conservation of wilds of India and in next few years we are going to revolutionize the species conservation with the cutting edge remote sensing technologies, Radio Collars, Microchips, Camera Trap Sensors and platforms to gain broad perspectives

Our work
• NIWTR offers a range of conservation Biology Research, Sea Turtle Research programs for undergraduate & graduate students and professionals at our facility in Dadar, Mumbai.
• Highly qualified scientists & researchers provides students with scientific research, techniques under field conservation education in an atmosphere of creative thinking to become lifelong global community leaders in conservation

Research programmes
• Conservation of crocodilian populations (Dr. Madhurita Gupta). This work focuses on the ecology and conservation of India’s native species of crocodilians, the Crocodylus palustris species in the Krishna River Ghats. Specific projects includes predator-prey relationships, influences of Mugger Crocodile on habitat structure, hydrologic relationships of crocodilian populations, and approaches to monitoring crocodilians and studying the Crocodile- Human Conflicts Mitigation in India.
• Ecology and Conservation of Mammalian Carnivores & Big Cats- Human Conflicts Mitigation in India (Dr. Yuvraj Kaginkar). This work focuses on how best to manage mammalian carnivores, especially those whose populations are rapidly becoming isolated, fragmented, and existing within increasingly humanized landscapes. Research efforts emphasize an understanding of the species in an environmental or landscape context, against which future changes can be assessed or predicted. Specific projects include evaluation of the ecology and device technologies for Leopard & Tiger Human Conflicts Mitigation

Ongoing projects:
• Crocodile – Human conflicts mitigation with technology
• Wildlife Technology R & D On Whale Carcass Disposal Globally
• Preservation Of Exotic Species For Public Education & Outreach
• Conservation Of Exotics Species Of Wildlife In India
• Sustainable Rural Development With Community Conservation Initiative
• Conservation Of Crocodylus Palustris In Krishna River Ghats

Dr. Yuvraj R. Kaginkar is the Co-Founder of National Institute of Wildlife Technology & Research (NIWTR).

For other net participants we can offer overnight facilities. Also we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.