Rural Initiative for Community Empowerment (RICE) - West

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Über uns

Formed in 2004 and registered since 2005, Rural Initiative for Community Empowerment – West Nile (RICE-West Nile) is a Ugandan Community Based NGO. We are working in West Nile, Acholi and Bunyoro Sub-Regions of Uganda as well as in parts of Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo and there we are making a profound and progressive contribution towards the development of rural and Peri-urban communities in Uganda in the areas of Community Health, Environment and Natural Resources, Sustainable Agriculture, Development Research and Governance, Human Rights and Peace.

Vision: A model community-based services provider for holistic transformation.

Mission: To advance and promote healthy community development in the rural areas of Ugandas West Nile region.

Programmes Departments:
Community Health: To improve and promote quality health services accessibility to communities for self-reliance in West Nile.
• HIV/AIDS Prevention, Care and Capacity Building: To reduce the further spread of HIV/AIDS among the communities
• Malaria and other Disease Prevention Intervention: To provide information leading to further reduction of mortality and morbidity among the
• Reproductive Health: To increase knowledge awareness on sexual reproduction and sexually transmitted diseases
• Environmental Health/Water and Sanitation: To create awareness on environmental factors that relate to health problems in communities.
Development Research
• Research and Baseline Surveys: The goal of this program is to conduct research to enhance development. This can be in form of needs assessment, baseline survey, impact assessment and innovative research.
• Monitoring and Evaluation: The goal of this program is to enable RICE-WN keep track of all the activities and make sure they are moving in the right direction.
• Information and Communication Technology: To link RICE-WN to all relevant and available technology for best service provision
• Documentation and Resource Mobilization: To ensure that all the reports translate into meaningful advocacy and innovation
• Advocacy and Lobbying
Environment and Natural Resources: To promote efficient management of natural resources and environment to achieve sustainable development
• Environmental sustainability through tree planting and waste management
• Renewable Energy promotion
• Pollution Prevention
• Oil and Gas
Sustainable Agriculture: To Improve agriculture for food and income security
• Enable farmer groups sustainable modern agricultural practices.
• To promote organic farming practices among the farmers.
• To increase the participation of women in commercial farming.
Governance, Human Rights and Peace
• Community Education Promotion (CEP): To raise the standard and relevance of education to suit the needs of the communities in west Nile
• Youth Empowerment Program: To empower the youth for self-reliance and community participation in good governance
• Trade and micro-finance: To increase community benefits from trade through peaceful trading and savings culture.
• Good Governance and Democracy: To promote rights awareness, transparency and accountability
• Gender and peace
Education: Seeing Education as the key to empowered and independent communities, we are supporting secondary education as well as access to vocational schools for girls in the West Nile Area.

Pax Sakari is the Executive Director of the Rural Initiative for Community Empowerment-West Nile (RICE-WN).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.