The Mentally Retarded Welfare Society (MRWS)

St.Ann's Church, K.C.Works-P.O., A.P.
522502 Guntur

Ansprechpartner: Fr. A. Showraiah

+91 8645 273304


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Über uns

The Mentally Retarded Welfare Society (MRWS) was founded by the late Rev. Ignatius Kakumanu. Though it was started with a specific purpose of catering to the needs of the mentally retarded, MRWS have started undertaking all the other activities for the socio-economic development of the people in Andhra in general and the people in the districts of Guntur and Krishna. MRWS is a non-government organization, an initiative aimed to provide assistance to the poor and needed people inside its parish and beyond. Children are their main target, an important field of its work is the education of the children.

MRWS believes that the development of the communities, where children and people live, is also very important. Then, its way here, is helping in the creation of little business, housing, promoting health campaigns, assistance in the natural disasters that too often people suffer.

Programms of the MRWS:

- women development programmes (women organizations and self help groups etc.),
- health education programmes (reproductive child health that is geared towards the expected mothers, lactating mother and children up to 5 years),
- formal education (rural elementary schools),
- special schools (school for the mentally retarded children; coaching and special tuition to the school drop outs),
- home for children (a home for orphans, semi-orphans and poor and downtrodden ones),
- vocational training for rural youth, daliths and tribal development,
- aids awareness camps; disaster mitigation programmes; environmental education; non-conventional energy; low-cost housing and toilets; provision of water schemes; weavers programme (production and sales) and other economic generation programmes.

The MRWS's director is Fr. Addagatla Showraiah, who is the priest of a small parish.

For other net participants we can offer overnight facilities. Further we can give an expert opinion, deliver a lecture and establish new contacts in the field of our work. We invite volunteers to stay with us and see our work. We want to promote the exchange of views and news.