Welfare Organization for Rural Development

1/34, Tondamanpatti, R.S, Ayyampatti;
620015 Trichirappalli, Thuvakkudi, Trichy, Tamil Nadu

Ansprechpartner: N.N.ANBALAGAN

+91 (0)9443797410; (0431) 2905780


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Über uns

The WORD TRUST (Welfare Organization for Rural Development) is a secular voluntary organization and registered NGO starting in 1991. It is an independent entity of a Non-profitable to serve the women, children and poorest of Tamil Nadu state, India.

• To improve the educational status of the rural population
• To improve the health & hygienic of the poverty people.
• To protect environment
• To develop the agricultural yield.
• To develop women & children rights.
• To alleviate poverty of the oppressed groups.

Past and Present Activities:
• SHG´s formation and running for women, adolescents and formers.
• Conducting Child Rights campaign through village wise for eradicate the child labour, child abuse and drop outs.
• Legal Aid training for women and youths.
• STI/RTI and HIV/AIDS and breast feeding awareness activities for total population supported by UNICEF Chennai.
• Human Rights Training for women and Children, supported by NESA-Bangalore.
• NESA Bangalore supports gender sensitization training program for SHG.
• Leadership training for Dalit women´s, supported by WDP-Germany.
• RCH and health training for women and adolescents with support of TNVHA Chennai under the WHO project.
• Science exhibition, competition for school students and awareness workshop on vermi compost and Organic manure for SHG´s under popularization of science from Tamil Nadu State Council for Science & Technology, Chennai.
• WORD (WOMEN) Ideal Program for Community Integrated Development (WIPCID) through micro credit and gearing income generation program, supported by ANANDA AALST – Belgium.
• National environmental awareness campaign activities collaborate with C.P.R. Foundation, Chennai and PEACE TRUST Dindigul.
• DOTS Expansion and Enhancement: We have a trained staff and we will contact the affected person and give free motivation then we have collecting the DOTS and it will watching regularly for intake and then we have motivated to regularly check up properly
• TB-HIV: We have conducted many more awareness training among the women self help groups for the awareness of the TB/HIV and how we can able to prevent them.

N.Anbalagan is the Managing Director of WORD TRUST.

For other net participants we can offer overnight facilities. Also we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work. We will initiating a state level network for promoting the human rights and child rights, because our organization is a member in the state level network of Tamil Nadu Voluntary Health Association.