Saraswathy Shanmugam Public Charitable Trust (THE SSPCT)

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  • Sozialpolitik/behinderte Menschen
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Über uns

A group of young broad minded enthusiasts, veterans in different fields joined together and floated a non-governmental and non-profitable charitable trust named as THE SARASWATHI SHANMUGAM PUBLIC CHARITABLE TRUST in 1996 with the overall goal of empowering the oppressed and downtrodden communities especially the women and children and tribe.

• To lift the largest possible number of the people to a higher level of life economically and socially.
• To build a comprehensive cooperative structure through which the people will be able to control democratically a significant portion of the total economy, especially in the things that are close to the necessitates of life.
• Through adult education to lay the economy and social foundation that will permit farmers, fishermen and industrial workers to grow in political understanding culture and spiritual life.
• To achieve the goals and objectives of the above mission the trust had decided to undertake the following activities to uplift the target group.

• Economic Improvement: Including improvement of the main vocation such as agriculture by handicrafts and animal husbandry establishment of cop operatives small local industries and form credit.
• Education: Elementary and Secondary schools spreading illiteracy and adult education while extending and improving school for children including the use of schools as instruments of community improvement and fundamental and adult educational groups.
• Improvement of Health Standards: Including environmental sanitation establishment of health services and control of diseases.
• Social welfare measures: Specially infant and maternal care family and youth welfare social services for the handicapped first aid nutrition etc.
• Improvement of housing facilities: Including furniture and equipment establishment of gardens parks and community facilities such as schools, churches, community centers, market places etc.
• Recreation: Existing traditional forms of recreation including drama stage by the people themselves and for which they have made all necessary preparations, the celebrations of festivals or national days, organization of sports, games, athletics, contest etc.

Programs and projects:
• Health Development in Indian System of Medicines
• Community based handicapped persons rehabilitation program
• Women empowerment through economical upliftment, adult education and co-operation
• Educational Development of the poor: Up-grading the standard of education of the under-privileged groups of students belonging to the BPL list.
• Computer Education and Science & Technology: Wipe out the causes for Illiteracy, Ignorance and poverty through science and technology


For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.