Shantidhara Social Service Society

21-79; Kakani Nagar; N.A.D. Kotha Road (Post)
530009 Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh

Ansprechpartner: Jojayya, A.M.

+91 (0)9441019465


  • Hilfsorganisation
  • Gemeinschaft, Gemeindeprojekt
  • Bildungspolitik/-projekt

Über uns

We are a registered NGO located in south of India, in the Visakhapatnam district of Andhra Pradesh, working for underprivileged children, like for instance poor students and also for the assistance and empowering of women and people in need. Aims and objectives:

To engage in social service activities aimed at improving the economic, educational and social conditions of the poor including farmers, working classes or persons of whatever occupations irrespective of race, caste or creed.

To render services those who are in need especially the poor, distressed and backward in the community irrespective of race, caste or creed.

For the achievement of the objects of the society, it is competent for the organization to formulate and execute schemes, programmes and projects:

- to provide basic necessities of food, clothing, medical, educational facilities and housing accommodation;
- for the improvement of agriculture, promotion of animal husbandry, establishment of work shop, training centers;
- to cooperate, amalgamate and coordinate with other bodies of societies, having similar aims of this society for the purpose of promoting or achieving the objects of the society;
- to mobilize support and maintain educational, medical, social, cultural, charitable institutions and activities irrespective of religion, caste, community and social status without profit motive;
- to equip all or any of these understandings and to provide residential accommodation, equipment and maintenance free of charge to teachers, pupils, staff, servants and others connected with the work of the society and to educate, train and assist financially and otherwise in the education and training of the members of the Shantidhara Social Service Society, teachers, students, orphans and personnel for the purpose of the society;
- to foster cultural and recreational activities that will serve to enrich the lives of the people;
- to promote and engage in education and in the developmental works of the weaker sections of the people and to provide relief for the poor, to establish cooperative societies.

Projects: Children Hostel Project, Pre-primary (BALWADY) Education Centres, Adult Education Programme, Children Library & Resource Centre, Supplementary Education Centres for school going children and dropouts, Special Report on inauguration of Children Library and Resource Centre.

Mr. A.M. Jojayya is the founder and director of the Shantidhara Social Service Society.

For other net participants we can deliver a lecture, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.