Help in Suffering Animal Shelter (HIS India)

Maharani Farm, Durgapura, Jaipur,
302020 Rajasthan

Ansprechpartner: Timmie Kumar

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Über uns

Help In Suffering (HIS) is a registered Indian charitable trust working for the benefit of the animals of India. Help in Suffering was founded in l980, on two acres of land in south Jaipur and has grown into a large animal welfare organisation with a number of projects based in the compound.

A new specialized Camel Rescue Centre has been built at Bassi, a village on the Agra road, to serve draught camels. It´s a 34 year old organization, works as a veterinary hospital treating all species, and aims to re-home as many unowned animals as possible.

HIS runs main animal welfare projects:
• Camel Project- Jaipur and CRC (Camel Rescue Centre) – Bassi: The project helps the working camels of Jaipur and educates owners in humane husbandry. Most of the work is done on the streets of Jaipur and surrounding villages. Free reflectors are fixed to camel carts to prevent road accidents under CRC.
• Animal Birth Control Programme (ABC): The animal birth control programme sterilizes and vaccinates approximately 3,500 street dogs per annum. A further 5,000 dogs annually are vaccinated against rabies. Jaipur has been almost free of rabies since last 8 yrs, due to our ABC and immunization program since last 16 yrs or more.
• ABC Extension Project: Funded by Humane Society International (USA) this project allows HIS to share the expertise gained in conducting the ABC programme, with other animal protection groups in south Asia which are establishing ABC programmes. Managers, vets, compounders and dog catchers are trained at HIS and on training trips. The project collects and publishes data on the effects of the ABC programme.
• Rescue and Re-homing Programme: Injured street animals are rescued and where possible re-homed. An out-patients´ clinic is run at the shelter to provide veterinary care. Village camps are also conducted in remote areas where free treatment is given to the working and production animals.
• Adopt a Pet

Timmie Kumar is the Managing Trustee of Help In Suffering (HIS) Animal Shelter.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.