Social Action Transformation of Humanity - SATH Pakistan

House No. 03, Street No. 1, Block H, Youhanabad, Ferozepur Road
5400 Lahore

Ansprechpartner: Kashif Nawab



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  • Sozialpolitik/behinderte Menschen
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Über uns

Social Action Transformation of Humanity - SATH Pakistan is non-political, non-profitable, non-governmental organization founded in January 2005, working for the basic needs and rights of the poor and needy people focusing on vulnerable groups and indigenous communities.

Vision Statement
A world without poverty, injustice and inequality where people, regardless of cultural, social and political divides, come together for mutual benefit, living in peaceful co-existence

Mission Statement
SATH Pakistan is working to reduce poverty, injustice, inequality and to further economic and social development in partnership with communities by sharing and developing ideas and skills, facilitating social and organizational change and raising awareness for sustainable development.

Strategic Goal
• Educate socially-excluded and underserved children and women living in low-income communities
• Provide access to relevant, cost-effective and timely reproductive health services to poor and under-served young people and women
• Increase participation of under-privileged and poor young people and women in political process, gender base violence and economic opportunities.

Kashif Nawab is a Team Leader at Social Action Transformation of Humanity - SATH Pakistan.

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