Dambadeniya Development Foundation (DDF)

No: 306, Negombo Road, Rammuthugala
Sri Lanka

Ansprechpartner: Rodrigo, Joseph

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Über uns

Dambadeniya Development Foundation was established in 1990 and registered as a charitable and non-government organization. Its vision is to build up a technologically advanced self reliant community by the year 2020 by adopting an participatory approach in optimum utilization of available resources and raw materials in the environment.


- to improve the lifestyle of the communities by eradicating poverty through sustainable development activities at grassroot level,
- to develop the skills of the workforce/ youth/women, strengthening and developing their capacities to achieve self sustainability,
- to empower women to acquire equality at house hold level.


- from 1992 to 1998, all university students in the Dambadeniya electorate were given bursaries,
- over 15.000 youth have been trained in various vocational disciplines over 10 years at DDF,
- over 8000 village students have learned computer from the DDF computer centres during the last 10 years,
- over 10.000 children have taken English and Tamil classes conducted by DDF in villages,
- village export company, that shares of 3800 ordinary village women, etc.

For other net participants we can offer overnight facilities. Further we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff and procure an expert information in the field of our work. Implementing joint activities and exchange programmes are possible.