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Über uns

El Sadat Association for Social Development & Welfare (ESA) is an Egyptian NGO established in 2004 and registered at the Egyptian Ministry of Social Solidarity under the number 1081. The Association´s aim is to empower and upgrade the underprivileged and marginalized citizens in Egypt with a main focus on women, youth and children.
ESA’s strategy has two phases:

• First, to implement tangible development and poverty alleviation projects that have immediate outcomes.
• Second, to introduce sustainable development projects, such as civic or economic programs, whose outcomes are typically long-term.

El Sadat´s mission is to improve the quality of life of marginalized Egyptians and the poorest of the poor, as well as empowering them socially, economically, politically and environmentally. Their vision is to enhance development in Egypt through poverty alleviation, the promotion of human rights, and civic participation.
Anwar Esmat El Sadat is the founder and chairman of ESA. As Chairman, Mr. El Sadat ensures the Association maintains its mission of assisting the poorest of the poor in Egypt through civic and social development projects. As the nephew of the late President Anwar El Sadat, Mr. El Sadat continues his family’s legacy of charitable work and commitment to the betterment of Egypt, particularly the Nile Delta, which is the birthplace of the late President. Mr. El Sadat has long believed in the importance of community and social development through poverty alleviation, the promotion of human rights, and education. Through these beliefs he founded El Sadat Association in 2004. Mr. El Sadat also serves as a member of the Board of Directors of the General Federation of NGOs/Foundations in Egypt. An active member of Egyptian political life, Mr. El Sadat has served in Parliament and is also a member of the Egyptian Council for Foreign Affairs.

Their work:
The headquarters of ESA are based in Heliopolis Cairo. In addition, the Association maintains a field office based in the Menofia governorate, located in the Nile Delta, which is a governorate that typically receives less aid and support than other areas in Egypt. ESA’s activities have predominantly been based in this governorate; but the Association does not limit its scope of benefactors to this region only.
ESA has worked on a wide range of topics, and continues to expand its scope of work, based on the needs of Egyptian society. Examples of projects are:

Civic Engagement:
• Strengthening the Rule of Law During Egypt´s Transition to Democracy: The goal of this program is to strengthen the rule of law in Egypt by advocating for cultural and legal changes, empowering rural legal advocates, and building a foundation for long-term structural and systematic changes.
• The Tahrir Lounge – Nile Delta: An institution that is dedicated to civil society activities and civic participation, particularly for youth in the Nile Delta region.
• Community Support for Local Councils: The goal of this project is to build transparent, accountable, and responsive local government in the Nile Delta, that works with citizens to find solutions for local community issues.
• Youth Leadership Academy:: The goal of this project is to build participatory societies in a post-revolution Egypt where citizens have the regular opportunity to play an active role in making decisions that affect their lives and in holding their governments accountable. The program aims to 1) build the capacity of youth to act as civic, political, and community organizers and leaders, thus enabling them to build the capacity of others; and 2) support youth leaders in individual initiatives related to organized political and civic activities or campaigns.

Economic Development:
• Motor-Tricycles for Unemployed Youth: El Sadat Association formulated a solution with unemployed youth to micro-finance a fleet of motor-tricycles. As well as being empowered with the skills to run their own businesses, the program participants were transformed into role models for other unemployed youth in Menofia.
• Kiosks for Female Heads-of-Households: Female beneficiaries received micro-financed kiosks units, selling goods in their villages. Beneficiaries also built their capacity to run small businesses by receiving training in accounting, businesses processes, management of capital, and more.

Community Development:
• Technology Centers: El Sadat Association has set-up a total of 16 technology centers around the Menofia governorate. Centers are equipped with computers and internet access and are open to all community members
• Street Music Festivals: El Sadat Association, in cooperation with the American Development Foundation, held a series of four Street Music Festivals in celebration of the new found freedom of expression made possible by the 25th January Revolution.
• Pull Down the Fence: An initiative that aims to overcome the barrier that creates an "us" and "them" dichotomy in our thinking, and prevents us from properly communicating with one another.

Health & Environment:
• Kidney Dialysis Machine: Kidney failure is one of the most common diseases in Egypt, caused by environmental factors such as pollution, poor sanitation and poor water quality. El Sadat Association secured funding from the GIZ to provide one machine to the Tala central hospital in 2009.
• The 1000 Bicycle Campaign: El Sadat Association created the Bicycle Campaign, increasing bicycle ownership amongst youth across 44 villages in the Tala District, by micro-financing bicycles. Bicycle ownership empowered many youth, allowing them to return to school.
• Tree Planting: With the collaboration of the Ministry of the Environment, El Sadat Association gathered the community to plant 500 trees throughout the Tala community. The presence of trees increased air quality and beautified the community. Many residents volunteered to help in the process, bringing the community together and increasing awareness of the importance of environmental issues.

Ms. Candace Hetchler is the Development Director of the El Sadat Association for Social Development & Welfare.

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