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Ansprechpartner: Petru Botnaru

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+373 237 46 5 65


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Über uns

The non-governmental organization Terra-1530 has been registered on June 30, 1999. The mission of the organization is to instruct and strengthen rural communities capacity on Sustainable Development. We are working in an economically and socially disadvantaged region, focusing mainly on the teenagers. We believe that youth has the power to bring positive change into the community.

• setting up an informational centre consisting of a periodical, Internet cafe, local television; the use of the newest informational technology;
• preparing the public for making decisions on environment issues;
• the development of the rural tourism;
• the protection of the land owners rights;
• supporting reforming process of the local public administration, and other activities that align with the existing legislation.

NGO Terra-1530 is an umbrella-organization for other 18 ones: Terra-HS; Association for Youth Promotion XXI Century and a number of others. Together with our partners, we have opened a Resource Center for youth from a rural, socio-economically disadvantaged region (Galesti village), the population of which had low or almost no access to information, particularly to the Internet resources.

• Starting with 2000, we have been continually publishing the independent periodical ADEVARUL (The Truth), newly published in three languages: Romanian, Russian and English.
• The first step to create The Moldovan Network of Rural Volunteering Centers for Water (MNRVCW) was done in 2003 (monitoring macro invertebrates; Youth Water Parliament etc). The MNRVCW Mission aims at expanding its activities including other villages, countries on local, regional, national, European and International level.
• On October 6-11, 2006 we have organized the "VI European Youth Water Parliament", in Vadul lui Voda Moldova.
• In 2009, we have implemented the project Together, financed by the Eurasia Foundation. The main goal of the project was to prevent and combat corruption by organizing trainings for a group of youth from the rural, socio-economically disadvantaged areas.
• In 2010, we planted 16,000 trees on the Bucovat stream with the help of 60 volunteers.
• At the International Awards for Livable Communities (October 22-30, 2011, Seoul, Korea), "Terra-1530" NGO has won the 3rd place in the Bursary Awards section, presenting the projects implemented in Vorniceni village (headquarters).

Petru Botnaru is the President of Terra 1530.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.

16,000 seedlings have been planted along 32 km of the Bucovati stream by over 100 volunteers.