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Über uns

DEAL, an acronym for Dan Ephent and Lavent Foundation, was started in 2012 to care for the widows, orphaned and the vulnerable children in the slums and rural areas in the republic of Kenya.
Dan Ephent and his wife Lavent are the founders of DEAL Foundation which is a non profit making, non political organization. DEAL Foundation works hand in hand with like minded organizations locally and internationally to provide micro finance to trained widows in businesses and scholarship to the bright orphans.
The organization´s main point of approach is working hand in hand with its agents across Kenya to help in identifying genuine widows and orphans and send the data to the foundation´s main database. This organization, through the support from well wishers and willing donors, focuses on providing orphans (the bright pupils/students) with scholarship to help them achieve their dreams of getting good education that will enable them to be self reliant and reputable members of the society as their widowed mothers are being taken care of by supporting them in wealth creation through establishment of businesses.

Our mission is to transform the lives of widows by empowering them economically and assisting the orphaned and vulnerable children to help them become educated, healthy, independent and productive members of their communities and the world.

• Improving the livelihood of orphaned and widows found in the Slums and Rural Areas in East Africa through partnering with well-wishers and donors.
• Feeding and provision of other basic necessities including clothes, shoes and education to the orphaned and vulnerable children found in the slums and rural areas across Kenya.
• Empowering widows through provision of micro-finances to help them establish businesses of their choice to enable them being self reliant, to start up developmental, psycho-social and educational programs that are respectful of cultural norms in each setting.

• The DEAL´s Group of Schools & Children Homes: For all the years of our work with widows and orphans living in the slums and rural areas, we have been working with several schools in different parts of the country by supporting the orphaned and vulnerable children in such institutions. Due to challenges on accountability and timely reporting, the organization has resolved to start its own schools across its areas of jurisdiction to directly take care of the beneficiaries and also to be able to do proper documentation and timely reporting. You can support this program by contacting us.
• DEAL´s Gospel Mission Outreach: Apart from the general widows and orphans support, the organization is committed to reaching souls through Word of God. We focus on bringing the widows together by sharing with them the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.
• DEAL´s Orphans´ Scholarship Project: DEAL Foundation is committed to working with orphans across East Africa to ensure that they have access to advanced education which is one of the fundamental rights. We´ve come up with a program whereby bright orphans are identified and encouraged to continue with advancing their education through our scholarship program. The organization therefore calls upon the donors and well-wishers both locally and internationally to help keep the orphans in school by donating to this project.
• The DEAL's Widows´ Housing Project: The organization recently introduced a Widows´ Housing Project under the program "Jenga Nyumba" Initiative. Jenga Nyumba is a Swahili word meaning build a house. This program came to effect the moment we visited some of the widows supported by the organization and found that majority have houses which are in deplorable conditions. Our agents also noted that there were some widows without houses at all. This initiative will be working hand in hand with like minded organizations and individuals to ensure that such widows find a place to call home. Our main focus is on those with their ancestral lands.
• Entrepreneurial Program: The organization works hand in hand with like-minded Community Based Organizations across East Africa to come up with ways of making widows self reliant through helping them develop comprehensive business plans and assisting them acquire interest free loans through our donors and well-wishers. The widows are then taken through thorough monitoring and evaluation program to make them utilize the money given in businesses. The agents take weekly progress records from every widow in this program and share progress analysis with the organization. Our main focus in this program is help widows be self reliant.

Dan Ephent is the Founder and Director of the Dan Ephent and Lavent Foundation (DEAL Foundation).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.

Supporting widows living in the slums by giving them start up capital for small scale businesses. DEAL Foundation is committed to ensuring that widows remain self reliant. Your support will be highly appreciated. Connect with us via email (
The type of houses widows reside in the slums! Through your help, we can change this.
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