Society for Participatory Education and Development (SPED)

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1207 Dhaka

Ansprechpartner: Fazlur Rahman

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Über uns

Society for Participatory Education and Development (SPED) is a network, engaged in developing and strengthening the capacity of the grass-root organizations to mobilize the poor through Reflect approach. SPED is also playing an intermediary role in respect of making new information, skill and external source available to its partner organizations and strengthening the disadvantages people´s (Lokokendra) organization and Reflect Network.

SPED, a participatory based national level reflect network and non-profit development organization, established in 2005, strives for a sustainable development of the poor and marginalized communities.

We represent organizations implementing and promoting participatory education approaches, particularly Reflect. We believe that transformation of society to make it more just and egalitarian is possible when a critical mass of people, those currently marginalized, come forward in collective action to claim their rights. Participatory approaches contribute to the social awareness of individuals to develop their analytical skills so that they can organize themselves and successfully claim their rights and just society.

Participatory and rights based liberating education approaches that meet the current demand (institutional, right based liberating education and literacy)” so that marginalized people who are being deprived of rights can have the capacity to make a rich, equitable and peaceful society.

Strategic Objective
Empowering the grassroots people´s organizations into participatory liberating education approaches in order to enable them have access to services, enjoy their constitutional rights and, thus, acquire self-independent, self-sufficient and economic independence.

• Empowering and creating human rights awareness among people´s organization (Lokokendra): Right based liberating education approaches; Participatory based mass research; Network of organizational capacity and solidarity
• Establishment of rights and access to the resources for lives and livelihoods: Strategic development planning at local level; Further discussion for achieving the rights and services
• Increasing the capacity and solidarity (SPED): Training for enhancing capacity and practical skills; Collecting resources; Strengthening the network.

Reflect Research and Training Center (RRTC): SPED has established a Reflect Research and Training Center (RRTC) which is used by other development organization as a Training Center and has been very popular among other services and researchable activities are also done by this center. Resource materials on different development issues are also available at the RRTC.
The major objectives of RRTC include: Conduct research/ study on Reflect and other participatory approaches; Organize Seminar, Workshop, Convention and Conference to share research / study findings; Disseminate research/ study reports to the relevant audience; Identify potential participatory approaches for development work; Provide venue facilities when required.

Fazlur Rahman is the Coordinator of the Society for Participatory Education and Development (SPED).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.