Guyana Forum for Lifelong Learning (GFLL)

Kuru Kuru Cooperative College, 128 Durban Street
Durban Backland-Georgetown

Ansprechpartner: Myrtle Richards

+592 227 3027; +592 663 5966


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Über uns

The not-for-profit NGO Guyana Forum for Lifelong Learning (GFLL) was established in 2000 and its mission is to substantially reduce the level of illiteracy among youth and women through the development and implementation of a National Literacy Plan.

The primary goal of GFLL is:
• to provide a forum for adult education providers and other stakeholders;
• to promote and support programmes and activities which will empower our people for human and national development through life-long education and training.

Main subject areas of activity or programmes:
• Economic/income generation
• Education/training
• Student/youth issues
• Advocacy

Major projects:
• National Literacy Strategy
• Partnership between GFLL and Caribbean and African Self-Reliance International (CASRI) to develop leadership through education, training and collaborative initiatives in communities for self-sustaining, human and national development with equity.
• GFLL approached Canadian Crossroads International (CCI) to get help of Netcorps volunteers in training staff in different areas of information technology
• Community Leadership (Leadcom): to strengthen leadership in communities; to develop a collaborative style and culture of leadership; to build a broad community capacity for self-reliant development, greater participation and influence.
• Networking: sharing and exchanging information, ideas, ways of overcoming obstacles and advancing the process of change; encouragement and moral support; training in leadership skills; support in developing and implanting collaborative community projects.
• Collaboration with Faculty of Education, University of Guyana

Myrtle Richards is secretary of GFLL.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.