Sustainable Coastlines

Level 1, 54 Upper Queen St, Eden Terrace
1010 Auckland

Ansprechpartner: Sam Judd

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Über uns

Sustainable Coastlines is a young, dynamic, multi award-winning New Zealand charity, founded in 2008, that has successfully coordinated ongoing projects in both New Zealand and the Pacific that have resulted in positive, real and long-term changes to local coastlines and communities.

We focus on simple, positive, grass roots actions that combine hands-on learning with fun in a setting that everyone loves.
We will achieve this by:
• Coordinating wider-reaching, more holistic projects
• Employing additional staff and training more volunteers
• Getting into more schools (through educational presentations and development of resources for the New Zealand school curriculum)
• Securing further regional, national and international media exposure
• Creating more effective public awareness campaigns.

Our purpose
• Coastal clean-up operations: Our activities reduce the human impact on the environment primarily through the removal of non-biodegradable waste. Our coastal clean-up projects make much more than a visual difference to the coast: they create awareness of important environmental problems, involve local communities, and provide an inspiring and educational event.
• Advancement of education: Primarily our education component has been facilitated through recycling demonstrations, and providing constructive incentives as a reward for participation such as sporting equipment, trips to experience a marine reserve or other special ecosystem. Education is also provided through interaction with the environment to increase understanding of the importance of conservation and sustainability.
• Promoting sustainable revenue practices: An example of one such sustainable revenue practice is the activity of planting waterways to reduce farm nutrient run off, while enhancing the water quality that flows through streams and into the coastal environment.

We coordinate and support:
• large-scale coastal clean-up events,
• riparian planting projects,
• schools educational roadshows,
• public awareness campaigns and other projects aimed at protecting and sustaining our coastlines.

Sam Judd is the Co-founder and Event Director of Sustainable Coastlines.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.