Summit Foundation (SUFO)

P. O. Box 751; Plot 22 Patiko Road
Kabedopong Laroo, Gulu,

Ansprechpartner: Job Collins Okello

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  • Menschenrechte
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Über uns

The Summit Foundation (SUFO) is a development organization founded in 2008 as a Community Based Organization (CBO) and incorporated as a charity company in 2010.

SUFO is an internationally-recognized organization that works with local communities to:
• Promote Universal Human Rights; including consumers and economic rights, women rights, civic and political rights, and reproductive health rights. These involve consumer education, agriculture and food security campaigns, leadership development and entrepreneurship trainings, combat violence against women through engagement of village, faith, and traditional leaders; and local governments to protect the rights of women in the family, prevent gender base violence and promoting socio-economic equity.
• Promote Social Justice and Good Governance: These initiatives involve public policy advocacy, civic education, building local democracy, and anti-corruption engagements, and citizen participation in public policy formulation.

Vision Statement:
We envision a society where everybody enjoys universal human rights, social justice and democratic governance.

Mission Statement:
The foundation´s mission is to promote the rights to equal political, social and economic opportunities for all peoples.

• Responsible Education About Life (REAL): Project goal is to empower and engage the local community and their leaders as active partners in the prevention of gender based violence against women, through providing consistent information, education and communication (IEC), capacity building and knowledge improvement trainings, and psychosocial counseling and supports to victims of gender based violence.
• Consumer Empowerment for Active Citizenship: Project goal is to empower consumers to know their rights and responsibilities to enable them assert their rights as active citizens, create agribusiness market linkages and promote policy advocacy on food safety and food security, ethical trade opportunities and enhance good governance and sustainable socio-economic development.
• Building Local Democracy: Project goal is to is to empower young people to effectively and meaningfully participate in building functional local government democracy through the decentralization system and promote youths’ engagement in providing and promoting effective leadership, good governance and nation building.
• Policy Advocacy Project: The project will strengthen the Policy Resource Centre. The Centre provide the youths access to a wide range of Legal and Policy documents, and offer advice, education, advocacy and socio-political empowerment among others to the youths in Northern Uganda.
• SUFO Peace Advocacy Project: Summit Foundation (SUFO) supports a peaceful resolution to the LRA conflict, across the East and Central Africa nations. Military engagements would cost deaths to many non-combatants and loss of properties. We hereby plead for more dialogue between the affected countries and the LRA, and also affirm our support to the Network of European NGOs in Central Africa (EurAc) and Acholi Religious Leaders Peace Initiative (ARLPI) position on the same.
• SUFO Governance, Administration and General Services´ Project provides the general leadership, governance, management, capacity building and institutional development needs of the charity, and coordinates the implementation of all SUFO interventions.

Job Collins Okello is the Chief Executive Officer of the Summit Foundation (SUFO).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.