Community Agriculture & Environmental Protection Association Cameroon (CAEPA CAMEROON)

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Über uns

Community Agriculture and Environmental Protection Association Cameroon (CAEPA Cameroon) is a non political, non profit making body. It is an educative and a research body that was born in 2007 and legally registered in 2009.

Our objectives
• To ensure Socio-economic initiatives amongst marginalized groups,
• To enhance Crop and livestock production and productivity,
• To enhance Environmental friendly practices in schools/communities,
• To ensure HIV/Aids education in communities,
• To promote Information communication technology for development outreach in communities.

Community Agriculture and Environmental Protection Association (CAEPA) strives to contribute to a Society where every beneficiary lives a healthy life within a conducive environment and has equal access to sufficient quality food.

CAEPA is a non-profit making organization that reaches out to the rural poor to disseminate information, promote their learning to acquire sustainable solutions in the domain of health, agriculture and the environment for the present and future generations of Cameroonians.

CAEPA`s goal is to equip community members with knowledge and skills that will create a positive change on health care, access to sufficient food quality and environmental friendly practices in Cameroon.

CAEPA Cameroon has five main components:
• Agricultural: CAEPA Cameroon works with farmers in the rural areas to improve on their production and productivity through trainings on sustainable agriculture, reforestation and agroforestry, improve poultry and pig farming as well as alternative livelihood activities like bee keeping.
• Social Affairs: Enhancing the socio-economic situation of marginalized groups such as women, youths, orphans and vulnerable children in communities through business development and linkages to microfinance loans, educational and vocational training and support to orphans and vulnerable children, and HIV/AIDS treatment and support within the North West Region.
• Human Rights: The Human Rights component advocates with marginalized groups such as the Mbororo, people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHIV), women, girls. CAEPA Cameroon works with these groups to achieve their human rights in regards to equal access to education, health care services and participation in decision making processes at the local and national level.
• Good Governance: CAEPA Cameroon will educate beneficiaries on monitoring governance issues which is about how the local council, government structures and the state is looking after the needs of its people for their well being.
•Environment and Natural Resource Management: The environmental and natural resource management component works to support processes of natural resource management and environmental friendly practices in communities through the demarcation and protection of water catchment areas and community forest management in the North West Region of Cameroon.
• Orphan Support: It is the goal of the CAEPA Cameroon Orphan project to give these children a meaningful life. This is done through the payment of school fees, buying of books, buying of clothes, distribution of food and health care.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.