Tamilnadu Scientific Research Organization (TNSRO)

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Über uns

Tamilnadu Scientific Research Organization (TNSRO) is a non governmental organization, which is duly registered and was started on 1997 by a group of social and scientific volunteers for the welfare of down trodden people. An institution has carried outstanding multi disciplinary activities in the field of science and society development.

Our organization strives to promote the advancement, transfer and sharing of scientific knowledge, science education, raise public awareness of sustainable development issues by launching co-operative activities with major groups.

To provide expertise and assistance to rural community in building their capacity to reduce poverty, tackle environmental problem and promote sustainable agriculture, rural prosperity assure and responsibility for their health and pursuer education through science and technological applications.

• Research and development programmes for villages. i.e. Water resource management, health and hygiene, forest and environment management and social welfare of the rural people.
• And also TNSRO has been organizing seminars, conferences, trainings and workshops related our target issues.
• Publishes and co-publishes books, journals, reports and documents collection for information services, creates and supports other research and social networks of co-operating institution.
• A multi disciplinary team of TNSRO workers along with the experienced technical and other supporting staff are now pursuing their research and development, social awareness programmes in view of the various development problems of the target area.

• Save the planet: The rural students were exposed to the urgent need for preserving the earth against global warming.
• Biodiversity School opened: To create awareness of need to conserve ecology among people in Pudukottai. Protection of environment, conservation of endangered birds, animals and species particularly those of herbal value,ensuring people´s participation through a scientific approach and involving rural children in the process are some of the goals of the school.
• School of Holistic Health Sciences and Research: The School will offer therapeutic educational programs to move individuals / practitioners to greater understanding and experience of perfect health, rejuvenation, transformation and higher states of awareness and upgradation of skill based training by distance mode and personal contact programme.
• E-village- Village Information Center – Revolution of Information and communication Technology
• Sustainable Agriculture and Eco bio Farming
• Organizing Seminars/Conferences/Workshops
• Organizing Nature Cure Camps

Vijikumar Sahadevan is the Director of the Tamil Nadu Scientific Research Organisation (TNSRO).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.