Charity and support foundation Saules Smiltys

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Ansprechpartner: Edgaras Isakovas

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  • Hilfsorganisation
  • Sozialpolitik/behinderte Menschen
  • Bildungspolitik/-projekt
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Über uns

Charity and support foundation ´Saulės Smiltys´ was established on 19th April, 2007, and since then it has been actively supporting children ill with a hazardous and infectious disease – tuberculosis.

Currently, one of our topical goals is
• to support branches and subsidiaries of Children´s Tuberculosis (Pulmonology) Department in Vilnius, Kaunas, Šiauliai, Panevėžys and Klaipėda as well as
• to provide the society with information concerning the following disease and its reasons and outcomes,
• to reduce the number of sick children,
• to make the treatment of the sick more effective and
• to provide Pulmonology departments with some support.

Foundation aim is to decrease spreading of tuberculosis in Lithuania.

Program objectives:
• Organising and preparing the purposeful informing of society that would motivate taking and updating its obligations to stop spreading of tuberculosis;
• Making conditions for the voluntary activity in the field of tuberculosis prevention and to perform its development;
• Organising and performing the purposeful activity of tuberculosis prevention;
• Providing support to the patients (especially children), ill with tuberculosis;
• Developing and maintaining the social abilities for the persons facing the social risk;
• Actively participating when creating, forming and implement tuberculosis policy in Lithuania.

Edgaras Isakovas is the Project Coordinator for Lithuania.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.