Missing Peace Art Space (MPAS)

234 S. Dutoit St.
OH 45402-2215 Dayton
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Ansprechpartner: Steve Fryburg

+1(937) 241-4353


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Über uns

Missing Peace Art Space (MPAS) is a non-profit art gallery providing an artistic forum for exploring issues of peace and conflict in a tolerant, non-commercial environment. Missing Peace Art Space in Dayton Ohio is a place where art in its many forms expresses the many ideas of peace. The Missing Peace Art Space, officially opened in September 2009.

Missing Peace Art Space is a member of the International Network of Museums for Peace.

In the world’s current polarized environment it is important to recognize that the concepts of “truth” and “being right” can be ideas that drive us apart. Often a “truth” may be only as true as the moment or place that it is experienced in.
Art is an excellent medium for allowing

Peace is expressed in countless ways. The Missing Peace Art Space, in Dayton, Ohio, is a place designated for the expression of peace through art. Dayton is often recognized as the City of Peace; promoting and encouraging peace within the local and global communities. The MPAS is just one example of the city’s efforts in advancing peace through visual artistic impression. It is a cooperative effort with the Dayton International Peace Museum, and will function as an artistic extension of the peace museum’s mission.

The MPAS will also partner with Artenade for artists exhibiting at the Dayton Society of Painters and Sculptors. Artenade is a Collective established in Iceland on a voluntary basis and managed by young professional and students of international backgrounds who share the same interest in humanitarianism.

The Missing Peace Art Space has truly established an environment conducive to creative communication which uses artistic mediums to express the human desire for peace.

Stephen Fryburg is the Director of Missing Peace Art Space.
Gabriela Pickett is the Curator of Missing Peace Art Space

The Missing Peace Art Space is a project of the Unitarian Fellowship for World Peace,

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