New Era Educational and Charitable Support Initiative (NEEDCSI)

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Über uns

New Era Educational and Charitable Support Initiative (NEEDCSI) is a Nigeria-based non-governmental, non-religious, non-political, non-ethnic, non-profit, humanitarian and educational support organization committed to the resurgence and revival of human values that transcend religious, ethnic and cultural differences. These values include a sense of belonging to a common humanity, respect and consideration for all people, compassion and non-violence, a commitment to preserving the natural environment, and a social service ethic. In 2007 NEEDCSI is registered with the Nigeria Corporate Affairs Commission and is empowered to work throughout Nigeria in fulfilling our vision and mission.

Our work
We are building local educational and skills development projects, especially for the benefit of young people, women and children. The focus of our organization is on initiatives that improve educational opportunities and provide life skills, including self-confidence, goal-setting, problem-solving, conflict resolution, and teamwork by equipping young people with essential skills that will empower them to become competent, confident, responsible, and caring adults.

• Exploring Faiths Program: This program seeks to generate both the intellectual frameworks and practical resources for the issues and opportunities surrounding the understanding and practice of faith. Through this program, we host religious leaders, scholars and Youth together, to foster intercultural dialogue and interfaith and to stimulate creative thinking, knowledge sharing and to provide a common platform for education and inclusion.
• Our Leadership and Governance Program seeks to catalyze the emergence of a new generation of youth leaders who will participate effectively in forging a strong democratic, people-centered development and sustainable economic emancipation in Nigeria. Major highlights of this program include: entrepreneurial and financial management training; educational seminars on democracy and good governance, health, gender issues, human rights, citizenship and social responsibilities and a mentoring program that connects established and emerging youth leaders.
• Peace Education Program is dedicated to research into conflicts, armaments, arms control and disarmament. Through this we provide data, analysis and recommendations to policymakers, researchers, media and the interested public. We investigate and put forward proposals for early warning mechanisms, violence prevention and how controls and strategies can be put in place for resolving conflicts. We analyze the causes of violent conflicts in Nigeria and develop strategies for their peaceful transformation. We conduct research, trainings and make periodic publications that will contribute to the deeper understanding, acceptance and practice of peace.
• Our Civic Engagement Program engages citizens, nongovernmental organizations, and government bodies to work in partnership to improve their communities and foster good governance. The objective of our Civic Platform is to promote civil participation and contribute to the development of sustainable and viable civil society institutions and organizations in Nigeria and the West Africa sub-region.
• Alcohol Prevention and Drug Education Project: APDEP is our community based service dedicated to the needs of young people at risk of alcohol and drug misuse or currently involved in drug misuse through the provision of activities and programs designed to meet their needs. The project implements grade-specific tasks, exercises, and activities in a variety of highly engaging, interactive formats.

Emmanuel Ande Ivorgba is the Executive Director of the New Era Educational and Charitable Support Initiative (NEEDCSI).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.