Woza Moya

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3276 KwaZulu-Natal

Ansprechpartner: Sue Hedden

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Über uns

Woza Moya is a community-based NGO located in the Ofafa Valley of rural KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Woza Moya was founded in April 2000 and formally registered as a non-profit organization in April 2001. The project focuses primarily on HIV and AIDS prevention, community health care services, education, civic participation, capacity building and poverty alleviation.

Vision - All people in the Ofafa Valley Community living productive and healthy lives, in a safe and clean environment, with good access to services and social justice.

Mission - To facilitate the sustainable empowerment of the community to fulfill the vision through community health services, capacity building, education, civic participation, engagement with service providers and other strategic partnerships.

Our work:
• Community Health Care: Through a team of well-trained Community Care Givers (CCGs), the most vulnerable families are identified. The first step is to identify a primary care giver in the home, who the CCG works closely with, transferring skills and information and providing ongoing support and advice. The CCGs receive training in Primary Health Care, Palliative Care, First Aid, HIV and AIDS including TB and ARV treatment, General Counseling and VCT and basic home care nursing. Monthly PLWAs (People living with AIDS) support groups are facilitated throughout Ofafa.
• Child Care and Protection: Woza Moya works to help the children to stay in the community by supporting them and their primary caregivers: Psycho-social support which includes a programme called Thandanani Time which has been especially designed for orphans and their older caregivers (usually grannies); a School Support Programme; after school support groups for the most vulnerable children are run in the community. Woza Moya facilitates Community Childcare Coalition Forums both locally and at a district level to address challenges facing orphaned and vulnerable children
• Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (W.A.S.H.): This programme, aims to increase access to, and the effective use of, improved and sustainable water supplies, and sanitation and hygiene services. The research and implementation of alternative technologies that improve the health and quality of life for people without access to municipal services. We have implemented rain water harvesting from roof structures, water filtration, solar powered water pumps for irrigation, solar geysers and lighting, paraffin rocket showers, compost toilets, waste disposal and environmental awareness and education.
• Early Childhood Development: The Play Centre and the Play School. , 3 local village women have been trained up as professional ECD Practitioners. They have created the most inspirational space where children come and play and have fun in a safe and caring environment
• Sustainable Livelihoods: There are three aspects to the Sustainable Livelihoods Programme: farming projects (vegetables, eggs and milk), income generating craft projects: hand-embroidery, card-making, knitting, bag-making and sock monkeys & lions; and self-help groups
• Paralegal and Advocacy: We empower people to know their rights and how to apply for services they are entitled to e.g. foster care grants. This involves helping to process applications for documents, such as IDs, Birth, Death certificates, following up on cases where grants have not come through and lobbying directly with relevant Departments. The Community Care Givers (CCGs) are key in referring their clients to our Paralegal Programme Coordinator for further advice and support.
• Youth Development: Our Youth Coordinator attends a Youth Forum where he meets with other young people from all over KZN every 6 weeks. Topics covered include Gender Based Violence, HIV and AIDS, Voluntary Counseling and Testing, Millennium Development Goals, Mental Health, Teenage Pregnancy, Careers Guidance. After this training, the Youth Coordinator conducts Peer Education workshops in the schools throughout Ofafa.

Sue Hedden is the Director of Woza Moya.

It may be of interest to you that the DEICHMANN FOUNDATION in Germany has been supporting Woza Moya since 2013.

They have on x2 occasions visited us on site at Woza Moya. (Dr Cornelia Deichmann & Rudy Fessel)

Deichmannweg 9
45359 Essen

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.