Rural Health Care Foundation (RHCF)

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Über uns

Rural Health Care Foundation (RHCF) is a Not-for-profit organisation,founded in 2009 and engaged in offering primary health care services to the underprivileged community residing in rural Bengal, at the lowest possible cost.

Our vision is to set up primary health care centres in the remotest corners of India, replicating our current service delivery model. We intend to scale up and establish 25 additional centres in the next five years in the most rural areas of West Bengal, and over 100 new centres in the next ten years, throughout the length and breadth of our country. The provision for a mobile hospital equipped to provide basic medical services at the doorstep of the poorest is also envisioned.

Our mission is to eradicate the lack of health care facilities in rural India by creating a chain of primary health care units that offer high quality, affordable outpatient care in low income, densely populated regions, where health care delivery by the state is sparse.

What We Do?
• We create health care centers in rural India, where there is no modern medical facility available within a 50km radius.
• We provide primary quality healthcare to the villagers at an affordable cost inclusive of diagnosis and 7days of free medication.
• We have extended our operations to urban areas, with centers functioning in Kolkata as well.
• RHCF has launched a door-to-door medicine collection drive, where our volunteers motivate people to donate unused, unexpired medicines lying in their homes to the poor and needy. The purpose of this campaign has been to both collect medicines to donate to the poor through our primary health care centres locate din rural areas, as well as educate people on the dangers associated with the improper disposal of expired medicines.
• A Free Medical Camp was arranged and four doctors from this esteemed medical institute namely Cardiologist, ENT Specialist, Gynaecologist and Child Specialist attended several patients for three hours in the morning and medicines were also provided free of cost.
• RHCF participating in a workshop named "A Training Workshop for NGO´s
in Kolkata: Fundraising through Crowd funding and CSR Partnerships"
• Arrange camps on general health, dental hygiene and eye check-ups for the students in schools adjoining the Health Centre. Provide free spectacles to needy students
• Wheel chair distribution

How We Do?
• Each center has 4 departments (general medicine, dental care, ophthalmology, homeopathy) and a well-equipped pharmacy with over 160 types of medicines.
• We operate 6days a week, throughout the year.

Kinkini Chakravarty is the Corporate Communication Manager of the Rural Health Care Foundation (RHCF).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.