TASAAGA (Tokamalirawo Aids Support and Action Group Awareness)

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Ansprechpartner: Bruhan Mubiru

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Über uns

TASAAGA (Tokamalirawo Aids Support and Action Group Awareness) is a community based grassroots Ugandan non-profit organization formed in 1995 and working to improve the lives of disadvantaged children and the rural communities of Uganda affected by HIV/AIDS and poverty.

TASAAGA exists to contribute to the eradication of suffering, oppression and other injustices brought about by HIV/AIDS and poverty in marginalised communities of Uganda.

• To prevent HIV/AIDS, Malaria and other diseases in rural and fishing communities of Wakiso district.
• To eradicate extreme poverty and hunger in 150 rural households in Uganda by the year 2015 by empowering women in these households.
• To contribute to the Universal Primary Education goals by ensuring that at least 120 orphans and other vulnerable children in Wakiso District complete a full course of primary education by the year 2015.
• To network and collaborate with other religious and non-religious organizations with similar objectives both international and local.

• Kick HIV/AIDS Soccer project: TASAAGA uses the power of soccer in the education of HIV/AIDS and health promotion among young people between the ages of 8 and 18 years. The soccer program provides Ugandan young people with the knowledge and support to remain HIV-free and develop skills to become self-reliant as they grow into adulthood. Through organized soccer training workshops, TASAAGA engages young people in activities designed to raise awareness, promote prevention and reduce stigma and discrimination associated with HIV/AIDS, in addition to developing life skills. Through the Kick HIV/AIDS Soccer Project, TASAAGA has been able to establish a well organized soccer academy which runs four different workshops in four villages.
• TASAAGA School for Orphans: This project targets orphans and other children made vulnerable due to HIV/AIDS, conflict/wars and poverty. These children are between 5 to 17 years of age. In Kazo a surburb of Kampala, TASAAGA runs an education centre for children who are HIV positive. In a village called Sitabaale TASAAGA started an education centre to make primary education accessible to all orphans and other vulnerable children who have been affected by HIV/AIDS and poverty in this village
• GROWW Project: Growing Resources, Opportunities and Wealth for Women is a microfinance project that supports rural women, especially single mothers or widows, to start income-generating businesses for sustaining their families and educating their children.
• Support the Refugee Children: TASAAGA is also reachout to refugee camps with a purpose of extending its support to the refugee children in Uganda.

Bruhan Mubiru is the Executive Director of TASAAGA (Tokamalirawo Aids Support and Action Group Awareness) Organisation.

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