United helping hands Nepal (UHHN)

Danchhi-7, Thali
44600 Kathmandu

Ansprechpartner: Sudhir Raj Khadka



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Über uns

United Helping Hands Nepal (UHHN) is nationally recognized non-government, non-profitable national level social Organization. UHHN was founded in 2012 by a very dedicated diverse young and energetic group of social worker, health professional, educationalist and other professionals.

UHHN dreams to educate children who are from disadvantage family, street children, those affected from decade of internal conflict and suffers extreme poverty and natural disaster. And satisfy the basic needs of women, disadvantage family members and make them aware of their rights. Provide better health to women, children and senior citizen.

Our mission
UHHN facilitates women, disadvantage family groups, children to fulfill their basic needs and rights through active social mobilization by the involvement of community, national and international citizens. If we can work as a team we can create a responsible citizen, independent citizen and a better community

Our Objective/ Programs:
• Working for Children: To support children´s right to formal education; Child sponsorship; Help Orphanage home; Providing food and nutrition for children; Schooling support; Child right protection programs; Creating awareness about child right; fight against child abuse; Children library and literacy classless in rural areas; providing free medical campaign for kids; provide hygiene clothes
• Working for Elderly Care
• Working for needy and disadvantage family
• Health For all/HIV/Aids: Provide health training i.e. first aid, how to practice safe motherhood; General Health campaign to those with little or no access to basic health care service; Distribution of free medicines; Safer sex and family planning Education; HIV/Aids Counseling and creating awareness; To establish networks with other national and international organizations working on HIV/AIDS
• Environment and waste management: Provide waste bin/ container to the local community (city and villages); Conduct awareness programs on disposable of waste; Creating awareness on effect of global warming to us and our future generation
• Education for all: Teaching English to disadvantage children or in community school/ rural school; Teaching Arts, music, English, sports, physical and environmental activities; Organizing creative and child friendly fun activities to disadvantage children; Providing teaching material i.e. computer, exercise book, pencil, pen, colors etc.
• Agriculture and Agro forestry: Teaching new technique of cash-crop cultivation/ commercial farming to farmers/ disadvantage farmers through skilled JTA i.e. Tunnel farming etc.; Encourage and provide training on organic farming; Provide training on agro forestry; Nursery
• Women/ youth/ disadvantage family empowerment: Provide appropriate technical/vocational training and encourage them to become self-employed; Bring out leadership skills; Teaching women about micro credit system, communication skill, source of income generating from home and Support them to obtain Microfinance
• Community development
• Voice against women violence: Awareness on women trafficking; Provide social support and counseling to the victim of violence

Sudhir Raj Khadka is the Founder/President of United helping hands Nepal (UHHN).

For other net participants we can offer overnight facilities. Also we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.