Volontaire Globalisation (V-Glob)

228, rue AFG djidjole Lomé
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Über uns

Volontaire-Globalisation (V-Glob) is a non-profit making, humanitarian, independent, apolitical organisation based in Togo, West Africa that works towards a just form of globalisation. The Mission of V Glob is to contribute substantially to the reduction of extreme poverty among young people and above all women in rural areas, but in the periphery and in towns alike, while meeting the specific needs of enclosed communities. The mission is centred on the following principles:

- to mobilize good will regardless of origin, race, sex, faith and political conviction, to invest in the collective use of voluntary services while aiming at the socio-educative and cultural integration of children who are without support and at the development of creative action to encourage youth employment,
- to stimulate the internal development capacities of vulnerable communities, which have been, until now, deprived of education structures, adequate sanitation, drinking water and grass-roots infrastructures that can boost a more durable development,
- to promote the Millennium Development Goals in villages and rural areas.

The program of V-Glob is defined within the framework of the Millennium Development Goals and aims to fulfil its mission to contribute substantially to the improvement of the current situation of the most vulnerable social groups. The aim is to give these groups the best possible chance of facing the challenges posed by globalisation in a just manner. This is based around the following points: Food and health security, youth employment, training and education targeted at human resources development, environment and cultural diversities.

For other net participants we can offer overnight facilities. Also we can offer expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion and deliver a lecture on the field of community development.