Care Community Educational Centre (CCEDUC)

Restoring hope for deprived orphans and women

P.O.BOX 143; Odropi Village Charanga Ward, Yumbe Koboko Road

Ansprechpartner: Ajaga Buran Innocent



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Über uns

Care Community Education Centre (CCEDUC) is a grassroot Non-profit organization, that support deprived children and women who have suffered discrimination in the Northern region of Uganda.

CCEDUC has a vision where children´s and women´s rights are respected and they can reach their full potential. Our motivation is the children and women who need our help.

To alleviate the causes of poverty and help communities to strive for sustainable and better life through mental, physical support in Education, skills and recovery development programs.

• Giving care and protection to orphans and disadvantaged children through parenting work
• Assisting children orphaned by war and HIV/AIDS scourge and those disadvantaged by other plights to acquire education.
• Empower women and girls for their rights and fight for the discrimination through politicy.
• Help set up income generating projects that would help to equip some disadvantaged with some basic skills.
• Working in partnership with local and international organisations in view of soliciting assistance for the disadvantaged and orphaned children
• To promote respect for human rights among members especially promoting awareness of rights of children, women, disabled persons, youths and marginalized groups in the society.
• To train and support local communities in the fight against the spread of HIV/AIDS through advocacy, prevention, support and care, home base care, training, counseling aids and peer educators and information dissemination awareness to reduce its social economic effects.

What we do
CCEDUC supports orphaned, poor and exploited children, including disabled children, in particular those living in vulnerable communities. This is achieved through providing, promoting and advancing children´s rights to basic necessities, including education, basic support, legal, nutritional and health care, aimed at sustaining their long-term development. CCEDUC also advocating for women´s rights and trains them to acquire skills for self reliance.

• Child Education: We work with individuals, families, teachers, communities, governments, local partners and advocacy groups to create powerful education initiatives that are crucial to fighting poverty.
• Child Care: Giving compassionate care and monitoring the well being of the children; Providing educational support to the children; Feeding the children,
• Economic Empowerment: Income generating activities: Tailoring: Micro-finance Program; Sustainable Organic Agriculture; Advocacy program: Commercial farming; Animal husbandry
• Water and Sanitation: CCEDUC continues to facilitate safe water outreaches. Village Health Teams also sensitize the community about the dangers of contaminated water
• HIV/AIDS Sensitization: HIV/AIDS Program: Voluntary testing and counseling; Family support; Support HIV/AIDS at work place; Malaria control.

Ajaga Buran Innocent is the Secretary at the Care Community Education Centre (CCEDUC).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.