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Über uns

(The Leadership Empowerment and Development) LEAD Ghana is a young and growing youth-led nonprofit, non-governmental organization in Ghana founded in 2009. We seek to create environments where young people are exposed to new thinking, a diversity of voices, and opportunities to influence community development. We strongly believe in the ability of the youth to effect change in their society. We understand the need for a stronger voice and for greater participation in local and global development activities.

LEAD-Ghana envisions a country where young people have the opportunity to develop their capabilities so that they can participate equally in the development of their communities, regions and country irrespective of ethnic group, social class or gender.

Our mission is to provide the enabling environment for the youth to explore their inner energies and talents to drive change in their communities.

Our Pathways
• Developing Leadership Skills
• Networking Skills
• Developing Problem Solving Skills

Our program
High School LEAD Program: A major part of the initiative focuses on expanding leadership opportunities for youth, as it is a critical tool for empowering youth to take control of their own lives and make healthier decisions that lead to success as adults. Through our program we train selected students who have shown some leadership potential as facilitators to promote leadership development at their respective schools. In essence the program takes an innovative approach creating a constantly expanding network of youth leaders that can spread their knowledge and empowerment to other youth.

The Annual Conference on youth leadership is also the best learning and networking opportunity LEAD has to offer. Activities includes workshops, seminars, and a plenary session, as well as the benefit of networking among peers and mentors. The Conference is a chance for our program participants to get to know the many people involved in the LEAD program from every corner of the Region
LEAD-Ghana announces the launch of the maiden edition of Ghana’s Top 30 under 30 award competitions to celebrate outstanding Ghanaian youth who are leading change efforts in their local communities.
The objectives of the Award Program are to:
• identify young Ghanaians who have initiated change efforts that are focused on improving the lives of others
• Inspire and support these youth in their efforts
• Create a national platform to showcase their impact on local communities
• Demonstrate that youth can effectively serve as change leaders in Ghana

LEAD-Ghana’s Top 30 Under 30 Award program, the first of its kind is designed specifically to acknowledge, encourage and celebrate excellence amongst Ghanaian youth by giving them the opportunity to gain valuable exposure and well-deserved recognition for their national ambitions.

For other net participants we can offer overnight facilities. Also we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field: Social entepreneurs, volunteers, Teambuilding coaches.