Social Development and Research Center

Gaindakot VDC, Ward No.2
Nawal Parasi

Ansprechpartner: Raj Suban Kumar Shrestha



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Über uns

"Gaindakot Youth Club-Nepal" was founded by a small number of youths, to inspire them towards games and sports. The youngsters did not confine themselves within games and sports only, rather they expanded their feelings to control various problems of the society like: class inequality, drug abuse, prostitution, alcohol addicts etc. In order to achieve these goals on one side and the moral unity of the youths on the other side, this organization was formalized as an active social organization in 1989 under the same name. The organization was able to bring some positive changes in the society. In 2002 it changed its name into "Social Development and Research Center". Its vision is to establish a highly facilitated peaceful society by developing the professional skills of the people in rural areas. The following are some of its activities:

- to conduct seminars and discussions, to develop skilled man-power by providing training and seminars,
- to inform local people about the program like saving and credit co-operative by forming them in groups,
- to create balanced environment by planting and raising the forest, managing drinking water and sanitation, preserving the soil erosion and keeping nursery and bio-gas, encouraging people to keep hydroelectricity and solar power and helping them to make drainage and toilets,
- to plan and conduct cultural programs, games and sports and blood donation programs by mobilizing youth members and community people.

For other net participants we can offer overnight facilities. Further we can procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.