Institute Service For Peace/GlobalPeaceConnect (ISFP/GPConnect)

Rua Caravelas n 331 Vila Santa Helena
74555-260 Goiânia, Goiás state

Ansprechpartner: Massimo Trombin

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Über uns

Service For Peace, founded in 2002, is an independent nonprofit organization providing service and learning opportunities through community projects which promote transformational and sustainable personal and community development around the world.
GP Connect is a multi-sector, multi-national initiative that links private, public, and social areas to promote cross cultural approaches to community driven development. GP Connect identifies social entrepreneurs who are the driving force in local communities and seeks to equip and empower them to develop creative solutions to social problems.GP Connect promotes and utilizes an approach that the World Bank and others have termed "Community Driven Development" (CDD). The CDD approach treats people and their institutions as assets and partners in the search for sustainable solutions to development challenges.
The cooperation between GP Connect and Service For Peace provides a Global Network of volunteers, projects and professionals from the third sector that allow a very effective and reliable application of the vision and mission related to the Community Driven Developments (CDD) in the given area.

Our Focus is social entrepreneurship, CDD (Community Development Program) and youth empowerment. In our group we have lawyers, bankers, educators, social activists, businessmen, and volunteers. We are all dedicated and idealistic individuals with strong family values and believe in strong ethical and moral values. Our motivation to work together for the well-being of our fellow man is what drives us to work together and to serve our communities.

GP Connect-Goiânia Services and Projects:
• From Trash to Art: The program was initiated in cooperation with our local partner organization AJA, near Goiânia. The community activities by AJA are focused on drug prevention and rehabilitation. With the recycling project we initiated a new approach by introducing social entrepreneurship into the picture. We provided a series of educational and training lectures related to recycling and environmental issues. This work aims to benefit the community and build awareness about the importance of caring for the environment and it also provides additional income to families in the community.
• Dia Do Bem: Several training, lectures and services were offered to the community under the coordination of 200 professional volunteers. Those activities cover subjects ranging from dengue prevention and medical services to cultural programs and security services. One initiative, "The day of goodness" is a very successful community initiative in which several thousand participated in courses of full day activities and programs.
• Promotion: GP Connect in Goiânia provides a platform for cooperation and network among institutions, community based organizations, NGO`s, business and entrepreneurs with the goal of promoting social entrepreneurship and a culture of service.

Massimo Trombinis the Founder of ISFP/GPConnect.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of Community Development Program and organizational capacity building.