Green Hope Colombia Foundation (GHC)

Calle 151 #9-26 Office 1304
110131 Bogotá

Ansprechpartner: Jorge Hirofumi Shigematsu

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Über uns

The Green Hope Fund has been working since 2007 as Green Hope Colombia (GHC), to promote the conservation and protection of the Amazon Rainforest. Since 2017 we work as Green Hope Mexico, to work in reforestation and sustainable projects in Mexico
We are a NGO that works initially at the Amazonian Forest in Colombia, and working in the protection of biodiversity around the world. We integrate scientists, indigenous community to establish a real reforestation.

Our work
• We promote a sustainable work, for the management of use of natural resources, recovery of degraded soils.
• We improve better social - economic conditions of indigenous communities, reforestation, respect and protect their tradition and culture.
• We work to protect animal and plant species in danger of extinction.
• The Amazon Rainforest also faces several problems, such as, loss of tradition and culture in indigenous communities. The factor of climate change has also been reflected in recent years with strong periods of drought and floods. The Green Hope Colombia Foundation (GHC) has seen this with concern. We are looking to strengthen, establish and protect the environment in a sustainable management. It is very important to make urgent and exceptional actions, because, if we do not protect this unique place in the world, the mankind will suffer in a short-term, natural disasters and climate change.
• The Green Hope Colombia Foundation (GHC) has been working with several indigenous communities, encouraging the reforestation and forestry projects, establishing economic alternatives for the sustainable management of natural resources.
• We also develop social projects in Ciudad Bolívar - Altos del Pino Cazucá; and has been working in the research of new projects in the Coffee Triangle, Guaviare and Vaupes that are in the Amazon Forest.

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• Born Free Project
• Cazucá Project
• Photography Project
• Fair Trade Project
• Humpback Whales Project
• School Supplies Project

Jorge Hirofumi Shigematsu is the Founder of the Green Hope Colombia Foundation (GHC).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.