Awareness Group on AIDS Prevention (AGAP)

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254 Nairobi

Ansprechpartner: Gacii E. Waciuma

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+254 (020)-313611


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Über uns

The AGAP-Awareness Group On AIDS Prevention, is a non-governmental, non-profit making organization, which primarily purpose is to sensitive the people of East African countries, especially the rural youth of Kenya about the deadly threat of HIV/AIDS virus and to make them critically, but positively aware of the apocalyptic potential it presents in the immediate future. It also takes care and supports those people already living with AIDS.

AGAP is a member supported organization dedicated to the HIV/AIDS prevention education. It was inaugurated in January 1998, and received its registration certification from the Government of Republic of Kenya, in September 16th. 2002. The organization's membership is open to anyone interested in fighting the HIV/AIDS scourge from any part of the world. Its day to day operation is supervised by its Executive Director, with assistance of a team of consultants and volunteers.

Its mission is:

- to stop the spread of HIV infection through education campaigns,
- to try also to provide care and support for those people already infected and affected by the disease.

The scourge of HIV/AIDS is one of the medicine's greatest challenges. From a handful of cases in the U.S.A in the early 1980's, AIDS has grown into global pandemic. According to the joint United Nations Programmes on the HIV/AIDS, more than 60 million people worldwide have become infected. In 2003, alone, 5 million people were infected and 3 million died from HIV/AIDS.

AGAP believes that there is a need for education process, that will challenge the deep seated cultural, religious, ethnic and gender behaviours and class attitudes. Its awareness campaigns aim to contribute to favourable prevention oriented attitudes, knowledge and skills, among them abstinence, condom use and reduction of multiple sex-partners. AGAP believes the most effective, long-term solution in educating masses about HIV/AIDS virus, especially the semi-literate rural folks, is use of Billboard-advertisements as visual aide tool. This is because Billboards messages tend to create a lasting excitement in any targeted group. Its more effective than pamphlets, Radio or TV's announcements for the rural population, few of whom, who can afford to own even a radio-set.

For other net participants we can give an expert opinion in the following fields: political-economy of the third world, HIV/AIDS.