Poverty Reduction Forum Trust

59 Mendel Road Avondale

Ansprechpartner: Matimba, Daniel H.

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Über uns

Poverty Reduction Forum Trust is a civil society organiation, that brings together NGOs, government, private sector, academics in the country to debate on poverty issues and advocate for pro-poor policies. PRF is a project of the Zimbabwe Institute of Development Studies, which had existed as a statutory body, should become an integral part of the University of Zimbabwe and in 1990 it was incooperated into the university.

Its aim is, to contribute to sustainable poverty reduction in Zimbabwe by:

- increasing the effectiveness of initiatives to monitor and reduce poverty,
- debating and anlysing issues that will reduce poverty and improve monitoring,
- provide critial suppport and complementing existing work on poverty reduction,
- strengthening networking of ideas.

To achieve these objectives the PRF:

- emphasizes and strenghtens the important role of partnership between government, NGOs, civil society donor agencies and the private sector in programme development and implementation,
- involves communities in the debates on poverty reduction,
- encourages national dialogue and action on issues relating to poverty,
- distributes information documentation and research on poverty reduction wealth creation and social development,
- coordinates activities on poverty reduction by exchanging ideas, experiences and networking between relevant institutions and the govt.,
- compliments the government's Poverty Alleviation Action Plan (PAAP).

Its current research are the production of the first National Human Development Report for Zimbabwe, regular newsletter on the activities of the forum and the creation of an accessible focal point on poverty and related issues.

Daniel Matimba is researcher/documentalist in the staff of PRF.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, deliver a lecture and procure expert information. Further we offer information sharing.