Switch ON (Environment Conservation Society)

1A, D. L. Khan Road, Jaju Bhawan,
700027 Kolkata

Ansprechpartner: Ekta Kothari Jaju

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Über uns

Switch ON (Environment Conservation Society) is a not for profit, community based organization established in 2008, that increases access to sustainable livelihood opportunities for underserved populations through advocacy, capacity building and supporting innovation.

Switch ON (Environment Conservation Society) has a strong mission to promote livelihoods through sustainable development. Our strength is in creative advocacy and implementation - through capacity building, training and awareness programs.

Switch ON operates with the aim to do environment awareness and advocacy. Switch ON trained over 2000 youth in climate leadership through workshops and organized many conferences in partnership with organizations like WWF, Times of India, Greenpeace,, etc.

Switch ON creates a linkage between energy access, income generation and community development, with a strong focus on Agriculture, Renewable Energy, Transport and Education sectors.

Our work
Renewable energy:
• Solar Trainings – Training rural entrepreneurs and electricians to promote and service solar solutions in their communities.
• Cooking – Promoting appropriate and efficient cook stoves linked with easy financing.
• Supply Chain of Perishables – Organizing farmers into producer companies, and supporting them to manage their own supply chain activities, thereby eliminating middlemen
• Organic Non-Perishables – Demonstrating and training farmers to grow food organically and directly marketing to urban consumers
• Innovative Technology Innovation – Clean energy solutions for Irrigation, Storage, Food Processing
• Food Processing & Agro-Allied Livelihoods – Community based food processing and livelihoods
• Solar Learning Centre – To create digital access and life skill building
• Advocating for a people friendly, efficient, sustainable and equitable transport system for Kolkata

Ekta Kothari Jaju is the CEO of Switch ON (Environment Conservation Society).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.