Coalition of Women Organisation for the Fight against HIV/AIDS and Malaria (CWOAM)

BP 154 Kumba, Essos Titi garage
6182 YAOUNDE, South West Region,

Ansprechpartner: Veronica Dokenye Opute

+237 22153948; +237 74614902; +237 75036025


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Über uns

Coalition of Women Organisation for the Fight against HIV/AIDS and Malaria (CWOAM), established in 2007, is an umbrella organisation made up of fifteen Rural Womens Association and based in Cameroon.

CWOAM exists to curb the further spread of HIV/AIDS and improve the livelihoods of those affected/infected with the virus in the community.

Our main activities include farming, agriculture trade, revolving credit scheme, cooperative activities such as gari processing and many others. Because of diversified activities and greater participation, we are spread all over South West Province of Cameroon.
CWOAM believes that the rights of women are crucial in any society and thus seeks to promote those rights through various institutions at local, regional and continental levels.

CWOAM provides a space for women to meet with leaders, receive microfinance support, and advocate for their needs. CWOAM holds anti stigma and discrimination workshops, campaigns on violence against women, provides support to children orphaned by AIDS and works on other AIDS-related activities.

• To sensitize, educate, mobilize and raise the level of awareness of all women in Cameroon especially in rural areas, in matters concerning HIV/AIDS related problems.
• To undertake AIDS prevention and control activities that are acceptable to all women in Cameroon based on socio-cultural background.
• To examine, formulate and support AIDS control program for women in Cameroon especially in the rural areas.
• To collaborate with national and international organizations in AIDS prevention and control.

• HIV/AIDS Prevention Program: Comprehensive HIV/AIDS sensitization/education, Voluntary Counseling and Testing (VCT), Condom promotion and supply
• HIV/AIDS Care and Support Program: Community Outreach, Orphan support/sponsorship,
• Malaria Prevention and Treatment: CWOAM distributed 1000 mosquitos nets to women and children in Kumba, and organized a series of seminar/workshop to teach them hygiene on how to keep their compound clean to prevent malaria and also to fight malaria through the use of insecticide treated mosquitoes bed nets.
• Special Activities/Events: World AIDS Day,
• Other Community Health Activities: Mass immunization, hygiene and sanitation demonstrations, and drug distribution.
• Planned: Sustainable support projects for widows and aids orphans as means of improving their socio-economic livelihoods

For other net participants we can offer overnight facilities. Also we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field: spiritual organisation, human rights, environmental policy, children education.