Enviro Solutions Centre (ESC)

P O Box 2516. Parklands,
Johannesburg, Gauteng

Ansprechpartner: Mikal Lambert

+27 (0)84-961-9985


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Über uns

Enviro Solutions Centre (ESC)is a registered NGO founded in 2009 and based in South Afrika. ESC promotes and supports environmental awareness and activism through direct action, this includes setting up organic community food gardens, providing education and training in organic and Permaculture agricultural systems to low income communities.

Our 3 areas of focus are:
• Alternate Food Production: Using Permaculture and Bio-dynamic Agriculture ideas and principles we promote and support growing food which is in harmony with the Earth.
• Alternate Energy production: Using simple low-tech mechanisms we can harvest free energy from the natural resources all around us from the sun, wind, water and most especially our waste.
• Alternate Waste Management: Waste is all around us and is filled with nutrients and energy is we are willing to shift the way we manage it.

Our vision is:
• to create an awareness of our current environmental crisis.
• to identify and demonstrate strategies that everyone can use to contribute to a sustainable way of life.
• to establish alternative systems of food production, energy production and waste management from which we can all benefit: man and nature.
• to create an environment of social justice and equality.

ESC supports the development of environmental solutions that are financially viable, sustainable and accessible to everyone by:
• creating environmental awareness.
• including every member of society into our field of interest.
• developing income generation strategies for no- and low-income households.
• promoting alternative systems: especially food gardens, alternative energy production, waste management and water saving systems.
• working towards a minimization of the use of resources.

Projects, Workshops and Training.
• ESC & Just One Child.
• Food Garden at Rietvallei Secondary School.
• ESC Staff & Volunteers Clear Invasive Alien Plants.
• Food Garden at the Spaza Arts Gallery.
• Roof Top Gardens.
• Rietvallei Food Gardners at ESC Headquarters

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.