Goodwill Foundation

PC Lianchungnunga Building, Opp: Aizawl West College, Dawrpui Vengthar,
796001 Aizawl , Mizoram

Ansprechpartner: Christopher Lun

+91 389 2323991; +91 9436140812


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Über uns

The Goodwill Foundation is a non-profit, non-political, voluntary organisation established in the year 1997 through the initiative of like-minded activists including journalists, civil servants, educationists, students, youth and farmers of Mizoram, and expending its services throughout the state of Mizoram.

We visualize a self reliant and collaborative society where people live in peace, justice and equality

We seek to achieve holistic development of society through empowerment by organizing people, building their capacity to use their potential and resources effectively and to develop and uplift the down-trodden sections of society in different forms of development.
Aims and objectives of Goodwill Foundation are to uplift the marginalized sections of society indiscriminate of sex, tribe, caste, religion and colour in socio-economic development, education, health & hygiene, environment etc.

Our Objectives
• To render goodwill service for the welfare and upliftment of the people in socio-economic development.
• To take up different rural development programmes on drinking water supply, minor irrigation, inter-village road development, sanitation, health, medical centers, hospitals, building constructions, housing development etc.
• To take up formal and non-formal education, computer education, technical education, research and development etc.
• To take up programmes on agriculture development, horticulture farming, agro based industries, small scale industries, cottage industries, social forestry, environment and wildlife protections.
• To maintain, established and conduct income generation activities, vocational trainings, knitting, embroidery and tailoring, handloom and handicraft, music and fine arts, film productions, coaching centres, pre-examination centres etc.
• To take up programmes on games and sports and other youth development activities.
• To organize conference, seminars and workshops on different subjects and issues for humanity development and welfare of the people.
• To take up programmes on woman and child development, orphanage, handicapped, aged, de-addiction and rehabilitation centres etc.
• To take up programmes on livestock development and animal husbandry such as : poultry, piggery, fishery, dairy, goatery, pisciculture etc.
• To take up relief and rehabilitation programmes in times of natural calamities and other man-made disasters and to organize volunteers for helping people in any public grievances.
• To organized financial agencies for economic hardship upliftment, and to take up micro finances and Self Help Group (SHG) promotions.
• To raise fund by receiving donations, subscriptions, fees, fines and other contributions from the members and public and financial assistance from national and international agencies/institutions and loans from the government and non-governmental agencies.

Our Activities:
• Condensed Course of Education for women / Education for deprived children
• Skill Development Training
• Afforestation
• Livelihood promotion / Self Help Group promotion
• Rain Water Harvesting / Rural drinking water supply
• Pig Breeding programme
• Fellowship programmes

Christopher Lun is the Secretary of the Goodwill Foundation.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.