Hackensack Riverkeeper, Inc.

The independent, non-governmental advocate for the Hackensack River

231 Main St.
NJ 07601 Hackensack
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Über uns

Captain Bill Sheehan is a dedicated, active conservationist who founded Hackensack River-keeper in 1997 and serves as the organization´s Executive Director.

The primary Mission of Hackensack Riverkeeper, Inc. is to provide representation for the natural living resources of the Hackensack River. This representation is manifested in Hackensack Riverkeeper´s environmental advocacy, education and conservation programs.
The focus of Hackensack Riverkeeper, Inc. is to protect and defend the environmental quality of the eco-system of the estuary, river and watershed and the quality of life for the people and other creatures that inhabit the Hackensack River watershed.

Hackensack Riverkeeper, Inc. will carry out its mission through a combination of both formal and informal environmental education projects focused on raising the level of awareness and sensitivity of the people of the Hackensack River watershed. Hackensack Riverkeeper, Inc. also advocates the responsible restoration and conservation of the various fish and wildlife habitats that exist within the watershed.

Hackensack Riverkeeper, Inc. will help local, state and federal agencies identify all sources of pollution and work with those agencies to ensure compliance with and enforcement of all environmental laws and regulations. Should the local, state and federal agencies demonstrate inability or unwillingness to enforce the laws and regulations to protect our natural resources, Hackensack Riverkeeper, Inc. will assume the role of citizen prosecutor in order to extract justice for the people and the eco-system of the watershed.

• Eco-Cruises: Eco-Cruises are fun, educational tours of the Hackensack River and the NJ Meadowlands aboard Hackensack Riverkeeper´s specially-rigged pontoon boats. Captain Bill Sheehan started our Eco-Cruise program in 1994 to increase public awareness of the lower Hackensack River watershed as a vital natural and recreational resource.
• Paddling Center: Hackensack Riverkeeper restored river-based recreation to the region in 1999. Now featuring a fleet of twenty-six canoes and kayaks, we look forward to giving you the opportunity to enjoy and explore the river and the Meadowlands through our rentals and guided tours.
• River Cleanups: Throughout the year, we invite the community to participate in the many River Cleanups we host in various locations in the watershed.
• Bird-Walks: Bird-walks are guided birding trips to unique habitat areas within the Hackensack River watershed (and sometimes beyond). They offer you a chance to gain a more thorough understanding of the birds and other wildlife that inhabit our region.
• Indoor Presentations: We can present a PowerPoint slideshow, video presentation or lecture/watershed update with Q&A – all for reasonable honoraria. We can work around your schedule and will always bring plenty of literature to share with all attendees.

Emilio DeLia is the Development Director of Hackensack Riverkeeper Inc..

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.