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Über uns

Education is a basic human right, and is also one of the most effective ways of helping people lift themselves out of poverty in a sustainable manner by providing a healthy learning educational environment. Empowering the women and children to discover their true strengths and unleash their full potential is the need of the hour.

Kanthi Samstha is an Indian NGO that works on issues related to economic development, education and social development with Dalit communities, tribal women and children. "Kanthi" means Light, "Samstha" means a Society, is registered as not profit organization /society in 1991. The logic behind the caption "Kanthi Samstha" is literally to fill light in the hearts of suppressed.

Vision of Kanthi Samstha
Towards empowering the marginalized with special focus on Tribal, Dalith, Women, Children, Slum Dwellers, Disaster Victims, Fisher-folk and other socially challenged communities.

Mission of Kanthi Samstha
Working towards a sustainable gender conscious society by enhancing the capacities of the marginalized through education, training, organization and mobilization.

Aims & objectives:
• To promote gender equality and work for the socio-economic and Livelihood advancement of women.
• To strengthen the capacities of the poorest for improving their situations, through education, training, Organization and appropriate action programmes.
• To promote development and welfare activities of children, women, youth, laborers and other vulnerable sections of the society for their overall development.
• To provide relief and rehabilitation programmes to the victims of natural and human made calamities and tackle the causes wherever possible.
• To promote holistic health of the individual, the family and the community aimed at the well being of the most marginalized sections of the Society.
• To promote, protect and facilitate proper utilization of natural resources for ensuring sustainable development.

Target Group:
Women & children, Widowed, Single women and their children, Orphans and Youth.

Target Communities:
- Scheduled Tribes
- Scheduled Castes
- Other marginalized communities

• Social education, community organization.
• Awareness generation,
• Cyclone relief programme,
• Housing programme for 447 families of Yanadi tribal and Dalith communities affected by Tsunami,
• Child care and education, Literacy And Education.
• Women & youth empowerment through vocational skill development programmes,
• Water, sanitation and environmental awareness programs & tree plantation,
• Health education/Medical camps. * Birthing Kits Program
• Community based disaster preparedness programs.
• Livelihood advancement initiative through Technological inputs among SC Community.
• Strengthening of community governance through awareness generation, leadership development & advocacy measures.

G.Z.VARAKUMAR is the Executive Director of Kanthi Samastha.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.