Salormey Volunteers Group (SVG)

P.O. Box 256

Ansprechpartner: Frempong, Frederick

+233 244 177 488


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Über uns

Salormey Volunteers Group (SVG), founded in 2001, is a non-profit Non-Governmental Organisation providing community development information and services in the following areas: health, education, environment and information and communication technologies. We are part of a common effort with other Ghanaians - individuals and groups - to build a strong civil society, that will allow our voices to be heard by those who can be of assistance to our common efforts.

Our mission is to provide individuals and communities with the necessary tools to achieve self-empowerment and self-development, challenging the chains of dependency that constrain people's initiatives and potential.

Our goal is to improve existing services and initiate innovative ones, to meet those needs regarding poverty alleviation, afforestation, community services (health and education) and information technologies; and to promote an understanding of HIV/AIDS and of those living with the disease. Our objectives:

- To sensitise people in various communities to the causes of poverty and how best we can together supplement the Government's efforts to alleviate them.
- To identify and help the under privileged in the areas of education and health.
- To increase awareness, prevention of, and care and support for HIV/AIDS and HIV/AIDS patients in the target communities.
- To apply gender policies in the design and implementation of projects, and to raise perception about its complex causes and the costs for Ghanaian society.


- Volunteer programmes in the areas of Education, Health and Forestry.
- (also in the education sector): Community Libraries development.
- Information and Communication Technologies: Project on the development of a District Telecentre.
- HIV/AIDS: Prevention and Awareness campaigns in schools and in partnership with other NGOs, and a care and support project to be developed with the Ghana Aids Commission.

Frederick Frempong is one of the founders of the organization.

For other net participants we can offer overnight facilities. Further we can offer expert guidance through trained staff in the field of education, environment and politics in Ghana.