Solar Living Institute (SLI)

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Über uns

Established in 1998 by the founder of the Real Goods Trading Company, the Solar Living Institute (SLI) in Hopland is a non-profit solar training organization with the mission of promoting sustainable living through inspirational environmental education.

• Solar Living Center: The Institute manages the Solar Living Center, a 12-acre renewable energy and sustainable living demonstration site that is visited by 200,000 people annually. Tours focus on sustainable living, solar power, natural building, and permaculture gardening. There are several ponds and picnic areas, organic gardens, a celestial oasis, self-guided education tours, the original Real Goods Store, and trees growing through cars.
• Workshops and Courses: We offer a range of workshops in solar photovoltaics listed by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP), the industry standard. Courses range from design and installation to off-grid systems and are available in entry-level and professional levels. Related online courses include sales, marketing and finance of solar PV systems. Courses range from one-day to five-day intensives. We also offer a range of sustainable living course, including grey-water systems, natural building intensive, urban beekeeping, organic gardening, permaculture, natural pigments, and much more.
• Kids Environmental Education Tour: A visit to the Solar Living Center allows students to engage with exhibits & our interns on our 12-acre demonstration site. They can explore different ideas about renewable energy and sustainable living at a level that is age appropriate. Designed for grades 1 through 12, educators can take their students on a field trip to the Solar Living Center´s "outdoor classroom" to learn about renewable energy, sustainable living, alternative fuels, natural building, gardening, raising chickens and much more.
• Internship Program: Interns are an integral part of the success of the Solar Living Institute on a daily basis and the key to the organization´s on-going mission of promoting sustainability through inspirational environmental education. Under a work-trade agreement, interns assist staff and participate in programs operated by the Institute. This may include: helping to coordinate and host workshops; assisting with maintenance and construction of facilities; caring for the organic garden; landscaping; support logistics for special events; giving tours to school groups; marketing, helping around the office; and much more!
• Biodiesel Fueling Station: The biodiesel fueling station is being donated to the Institute by Yokayo Biofuels in Ukiah, California.
• Organic Garden: The organic garden was started in May 2003 to create a model for public education by showing a synergistic and pragmatic integration of food, water, landscape.

Ross Beck is the Executive Director of the the Solar Living Institute (SLI).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.